Program Requirements

Master's students in Manufacturing must complete 45 quarter credits, with at least 30 credits from the following four Curriculum Content Areas (CCAs):

  1. Engineering Science & Design Technology
  2. Manufacturing Software & Computer Integration
  3. Advanced Manufacturing Materials & Processes Technology
  4. Business, Financial & Management Processes

In addition to the 30 CCA units, students must complete 12 credits toward a thesis and three credits in graduate seminars. Upon approval of the graduate committee a student may elect to pursue a graduate project rather than a thesis. The amount of credit awarded for each graduate projects is decided by the students graduate committee and should be between 3 and 9 credit hours. Graduate students pursuing a project option will need to complete additional formal coursework to fulfill the 45 credit hour requirement.

Students must take at least one course in each of the four CCAs and three courses in at least one CCA. All courses are three credits each. New courses are being added as needed to better fit industrial needs and complement faculty strengths. Different courses are offered at different sites. A partial list of offerings in each CCA follows:

Engineering Science & Design Technology
MFG 531 Engineering Mechanics
MFG 532 Advanced Engineering Mechanics
MFG 533 Thermal Processes & Technology in Manufacturing
MFG 534 Design Technology for Manufacturability

Manufacturing Software & Computer Integration
MFG 535 Product Life Software
MFG 536 Automated Technology for Tool Path Generation
MFG 537 Product Data Management and Configuration Control
MFG 538 Special Problems in Manufacturing Software

Advanced Manufacturing Materials & Processes Technology
MFG 561 Plant Layout for Lean and Agile Manufacturing 
MFG 562 Advanced Materials Science & Technology
MFG 563 Inventory & Supply Train Management
MFG 564 Quality Concepts & Philosophies
MFG 565 Microelectronics Manufacturing Processes

Business, Financial & Management Processes
MFG 521 The Manufacturing Management Team in the Global Enterprise
MFG 522 Manufacturing Business Philosophies
MFG 523 Capitalization Principles for Manufacturing
MFG 524 The Planning of Projects & Budgets for Manufacturing
MFG 525 International Economics for Manufacturing
MFG 566 Regulatory Requirements & Processes