Curriculum and Courses

Required courses and recommended terms during which they should be taken are displayed below.

These maps are provided for general planning purposes only. Students should consult with their academic advisor for complete degree requirements.

HIST275 History of Medicine 3    
SOC204 Introduction to Sociology 3    
WRI121 English Composition 3    
Emphasis Elective 3    
Humanities Elective 3    
Total   15    
MATH111 College Algebra   4  
WRI122 Argumentative Writing   3  
Communication Elective   3  
Emphasis Electives   6  
Total     16  
SOC201 Social Theory     3
SOC225 Medical Sociology     3
SPE111 Public Speaking     3
Humanities Elective     3
Total       12
PSY202 Psychology 3    
SOC205 Current Health Issues 3    
SPE321 Small Group and Team Communication 3    
Emphasis Elective 3    
Laboratory Science Elective 4    
Total   16    
Emphasis Electives   6  
Laboratory Science Elective   4  
Social Science Elective   3  
Total     13  
Laboratory Science Elective     4
MATH 243 Introductory Statistics OR MATH 361 Statistical Methods I     4
Social Science Electives     6
Total       14
PSY336 Health Psychology I 3    
SOC207 Sociology of Food 3    
SOC325 Global Population Health 3    
Communication Elective 3    
Total   12    
SOC301 Social Science Research Methods I   4  
SOC302 Social Science Research Methods II   4  
SOC307 Grant Writing   3  
STAT414 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology   4  
Total     15  
ANTH452 Globalization     3
PHIL305 Medical Ethics     3
SOC307 Community Program Planning     3
SOC335 Health Inequality and Cultural Competency     3
Total       12
Externship, Emphasis Electives, or PHM-RC 15    
Total   15    
Externship, Emphasis Electives, or PHM-RC   12  
Social Science Elective   3  
Total     15  
Externship, Emphasis Electives, or PHM-RC     12
Humanities Elective     3
Total       15

Total credits required for B.S. in Population Health Management: 181
Total upper division credits required: 60


Students choose from any emphasis electives listed below.  Additional emphasis electives may be approved by a PHM advisor. Externship credit beyond the required 12 credits may count as emphasis electives.

Health counseling and outreach emphasis
COM 205 Intercultural Communication  PSY 330/331 Social Psychology I/II 
COM 226 Non-verbal Communication PSY 334/335 Behavior Modification I/II
PSY 215/216 Abnormal Psychology I/II PSY 341/342 Psychoactive Drugs I/II
PSY 220 Community Psychology SOC 315 Juvenile Delinquency
PSY 301 Basic Counseling Techniques  

Care management and coordination emphasis
ANTH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology COM 345 Organizational Communication 
BIO 200 Medical Terminology  PSY 347 Organizational Behavior 
BIO 231/232/233 Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II/III  PSY 360 Organizational Psychology 
BUS 313 Healthcare Systems and Policy  PSY 410 Organizational Change and Development 
BUS 316 Total Quality in Healthcare  SOC 315 Juvenile Delinquency 
COM 205 Intercultural Communication   

Applied health data analytics emphasis
BUS 316 Total Quality in Healthcare  PSY 339 Biopsychology 
MATH 362 Statistical Methods II  SOC 405 Program Planning and Evaluation 
MATH 465 Mathematical Statistics  WRI 123 Research Writing 
MIS 344 Healthcare Info Systems Management  WRI 227 Technical Report Writing 
MIS 357 Information/Communication Systems-Healthcare  WRI 410 Proposal and Grant Writing 
MIS 445 Legal/Ethical/Social Issues in Healthcare Technology   
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About the Program

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Population Health Management


  • Health Counseling and Outreach
  • Care Management and Coordination
  • Applied Health Data Analytics


  • Klamath Falls

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