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Quality Assurance and Control

RadSci student inspects automatic film processor for remnants of his x-ray film
A RadSci student inspects an automatic film processor for the remnants of his x-ray film.

What is Quality Assurance and Control?

Producing medical images of the highest quality requires a program for monitoring equipment -- and the performance of the people who operate it. Quality Assurance is the program of monitoring. Quality control is the practice of testing and sampling.

Although everyone involved is responsible for observing and reporting problems, in most imaging departments, one technologist is in charge of the quality program.

In large departments, it may require a full-time position. In smaller departments, it may account for a percentage of the time that the quality assurance technologist takes from each day to perform the necessary tests.

Quality assurance is a specialty in itself. It requires detailed knowledge of the machines, films and examinations that assist the people whose job it is to provide the most valuable imaging services that compassionate care, aided by technology, makes possible.