What You'll Learn

Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Control Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering field concerned with the design, modeling, analysis, and control of predominantly computer-based automated systems or processes. Automated systems typically contain a mixture of equipment, devices, software, hardware, and humans. The discipline requires knowledge of elements of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, software programming, communications systems, and human factors engineering.

The major in Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Control Engineering is designed as a dual major option for students with an ABET accredited primary major in an engineering discipline offered at Oregon Tech. Students first choose a primary ABET accredited major (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), and complete additional specialized coursework to earn a second major in Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Control Engineering. The program is designed so that both majors in the degree can be completed in 4 years by taking summer courses. ABET ETAC degree students may also pursue the dual major with departmental approval.

The Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Control Engineering dual major is offered at the Portland-Metro campus. Please contact the program director for availability.

Jobs and Careers in Automation and Robotics

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of their background, graduates of the program have the necessary skills to design or manage systems resulting from the integration of diverse components and technologies. Engineers working in this field design solutions to address problems in areas such as factory automation, building automation, and motion control and robotics.

Career Paths in:

Factory Automation
Building Automation
Motion Control and Robotics