Cliff Stover

Cliff Stover, Associate Professor and Lab/Project Director, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology


Cliff is a licensed registered Professional Engineer (PE) in CA, MA, OR, PA and FL with 30+ years of experience in the design, manufacture, analysis, testing, and inspection of mechanical systems. He is involved in a wide range of projects including accident reconstruction, failure analysis, patent infringement, and product liability.

Over the years Cliff has developed a diverse background in the field of engineering, manufacturing, and mechanics, starting during high school as an auto mechanic, moving to machinist, tool and die maker, mold maker, design engineer, 22 years as faculty and engineering director at Cal Poly Pomona and SAE faculty advisor for both Formula and Baja SAE taking his university multidisciplinary teams to 72 events all over the United States and Canada as well as international events in Italy, Germany, and England.

Hobbies and interests include competitively racing Motocross, Desert, 750cc road racing motorcycles, and IKF shifter karts as well as Camping and fishing with his family, and exploring new sights and locations.

In summer 2017, Cliff moved to Oregon and joined the Mechanical Engineering faculty at Oregon Institute of Technology as a new professor


  • Machine design
  • Material testing and instrumentation
  • Motorsports/performance engineering
  • Automobile forensics/accident reconstruction
  • Engineering management

Course Instruction:

  • MECH 111
  • MFG 112
  • MFG 120 and Lab
  • ENGR 213 and Lab
  • MECH 315
  • MECH 316
  • Design and development of our Portland-Metro Strength of Materials Laboratory, Fluid Analysis Laboratory, and consulting on the set up of the Canyon Creek Project Facility located off campus.