Dongbin (Don) Lee, Ph.D.

Dongbin (Don) Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor

 BH 191

My primary responsibility is to teach courses regarding robotics, mechatronics, control systems, eng. instrumentation, programming, or electrically-based systems to support the MMET programs for super smart manufacturing systems and production lines by applying robotic and sensing technologies (with digital transformed, optimized dynamic systems based on simulation, experiment, and data analytics). On the other hand, I am enthusiastic to promote student projects such as MMET Sr. Capstone projects, student projects, inventions, robotic competitions, aiming to give students best opportunities to solve real-world problems before entering workforce or go to higher degree programs while I keep learning new disciplines to lead specified or synthesized technologies

I have taught the following courses, mostly with hands-on lab sessions:
Subject Level
Fund of Electric Circuits ENGR236
Programming for Engineers (VBA/MATLAB/Simulink) ENGR266
Eng. Instrumentation (MATLAB with LabVIEW) MECH363
Electric Power Systems MET326
Industrial Controls (PLCs with sensors)  MFG331
Robotics (FANUC, KUKA, or ABB) MFG453
Robotics (FANUC/Mobile Robot) MECH407
Senior Capstone projects ENGR 491-493
Robotics Systems/Controller Design (as graduate courses)  MFG 576, 597
Mobile Robotics (Mobile Robots/SBC or Arduino)   MECH 407
Control systems (MATLAB/Simulink)   MECH 436