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The Communication Department offers Oregon Tech students two exciting majors--Communication Studies and Professional Writing, two minors--Human Interaction and Professional Writing, and a Certificate in Dispute Resolution. Unlike the majors and minors, which are awarded at graduation, the Dispute Resolution Certificate can be awarded anytime a student completes the requirements. The Communication Department is also exceptionally committed to Oregon Tech’s goals of ensuring that all graduates can communicate effectively, both in interaction and in writing, work successfully in groups, and interact positively with a broad range of people. Because of this commitment, much of the Departments effort is devoted to Oregon Tech’s general education curriculum.

General Education Courses

Students at Oregon Tech are required to complete 18 credits of communication. This requirement reflects the feedback and direction of Oregon Tech’s many Industrial Advisory Boards. Industrial Advisory Boards are formed from industry professionals who partner with Oregon Tech to design, evaluate, and improve the Oregon Tech experience. All of Oregon Tech’s Industrial Advisory Boards stress the importance of communication skills. In response to this, Oregon Tech requires all students to complete SPE 111, WRI 121, and 122, and nine additional credits hours specified by the students major. A key difference between Oregon Tech Students and those from other institutions is their training and background in communication.

The departmental faculty advise students. View the list of academic advisors.

If a student is unsure who their assigned academic advisor is, please contact the department chairperson or the Academic Advising office below.


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