Off-Campus Windows XP Installation Guide

Instructions to install Synapse, Oregon Tech's PACS software, For Off-Campus and OIT-AIR on Windows XP

Currently only 32-bit operating systems are supported

Open Internet Explorer

 IE Icon

In the address bar of Internet Explorer, type and press enter.

Internet Explorer 

It will ask you for your username and password. Your Username is your Oregon Tech email and the password is the password for your email

Windows Security Dialog 

After entering your credentials, select "remember my credentials" and click "OK"


Click on "Synapse Workstation Code Download"


Click "Install"

Install Dialog

Click "Next"

 Synapse Software Install

Click "Install"

 Synapse Software Install

Click "Finish"

 Synapse Software Install Completion

Close Internet Explorer


Before double clicking on the "Synapse" icon located on the desktop, Please read the Synapse configurations page.