PLTW Objectives & Programs

To prepare teachers to implement the program, PLTW partners with universities nationwide to provide training and on-going support. Oregon Tech's objective as the PLTW affiliate is to establish a self-sustaining Summer Training Institute for teachers in Oregon. More than 12,500 teachers from 50 states have attended similar programs across the affiliate network.

The Summer Institute prepares the teachers to expose their students to cutting-edge technology and the rewarding career opportunities that are available in engineering. There is a special emphasis on increasing the number of underrepresented minorities and women in science and technology careers.

PLTWs graduates are expected to:

  • Understand technology as a tool for problem solving
  • Have a broad-based understanding of the underlying methodology of science processes
  • Be well prepared for the rigorous college curriculum
  • Understand, apply, analyze and design technological systems
  • Select an appropriate technology system for a task and apply it
  • Understand the principles of mathematics
  • Demonstrate effective communication of information and solutions
  • Possess the skills necessary to work in teams effectively

Middle School
Gateway To Technology (GTT)

  1. Design and Modeling
  2. Automation and Robotics
  3. Energy and the
  4. Environment
  5. Flight and Space
  6. Science of Technology
  7. Magic of Electrons
  8. Green Architecture
  9. Medical Detectives

High School
Pathway To Engineering (PTE)

  1. Intro to Engineering Design
  2. Principles Of Engineering
  3. Aerospace Engineering
  4. Biotechnical Engineering
  5. Civil Engr. and Architecture
  6. Computer Integrated Mfg.
  7. Digital Electronics
  8. Engineering Design & Devp.

**Computer Science & Software Engineering (coming 2014-15)

High School
Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

  1. Principles of the Biomedical Sciences
  2. Human Body Systems
  3. Medical Interventions
  4. Biomedical Innovation

Program Goals:

Address critical shortage of qualified engineering, technology, science and health professionals
Prepare students for rigorous post-secondary education at 2 and 4-year colleges and universities

PLTW Graduates are shown to:

Communicate effectively, Effective and efficient problem solving, Think creatively and critically, Practice professional conduct, Work effectively in teams , Understand how research is conducted.