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College Credit and Scholarships

Early development (K-12) of technical knowledge, problem solving ability, and an applied engineering skill-set have proven to increase a student's chances for success in continued education and career paths upon graduation from high school.  Oregon Tech's continued commitment to outreach, pipeline building, and awarding of credit for prior learning support the case for offering college engineering credits to qualifying PLTW programs and students.
Are your PLTW high school courses and students eligible for Dual Credit at the Oregon Institute of Technology? Answer YES to all 3 questions below and apply to become a qualified dual credit PLTW program/teacher.

A. The PLTW program where I teach is in the state of Oregon. (Yes/No)
B. The school where I teach PLTW has at least 1 other PLTW Engineering or Biomed Course. (Yes/No)
C. I have taught PLTW IED or POE for at least 1 year prior to applying. (Yes/No)

Deadlines for Teacher and Student Registration for Dual Credit at Oregon Tech:
• Teacher must register and submit required documents to Oregon Tech by December 10. 2017
• Once approved, Teacher must provide roster of students to Oregon Tech by January 4, 2018
• Student must complete the application to be admitted to Oregon Tech by January 5, 2018
• Student must complete the self-registration online with Oregon Tech by January 12, 2018

If you answered YES to the 3 questions above (A,B,C) and would like to register, please fill out the form below and click on SUBMIT, you will then receive a confirmation e-mail and instructions on how to proceed with your application.  Please prepare your Resume, College Transcripts, and Course Syllabus as they will need to be submitted to carleen.drago@oit.edu in order to complete the application phase.

About You

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PLTW Teaching Experience
PLTW Dual Credit Offered    
Number of Years Teaching HS PLTW Course    
Number of Students Enrolled in HS PLTW Course
Affiliate University Attended for Core Training
Year Core Training Completed

Once your application and materials have been reviewed and approved by Oregon Tech, to be able to earn credit for IED or POE under the Dual Credit system students complete the process by:
     •  Fill out an electronic application
     •  Complete the electronic registration
     •  Pay $50.00 tuition per class (IED and/or POE).  ENGR 101 & ENGR 102 classes are 2 credits each.
               *If student is eligible for free or reduced lunch or has financial hardship, the fee may be waived.