Disability Services Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

Oregon Tech is committed to providing equal opportunity to higher education for academically qualified students. Disability Services was established to provide leadership and assistance to Oregon Tech to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities act of 1990.

Faculty and staff with questions Disability Services or the provision of accommodations for a specific student should contact the local Disability Services office directly.

Oregon Tech Accommodations Process

Oregon Tech students who are seeking accommodations must register with Disability Services. A student is considered registered with the Disability Services office once they completed the following:

  • Disability Services Application
  • Provided documentation of disability to DS staff
  • Participated in an intake interview with DS Staff to review documentation, application, and discuss accommodation needs.

After registration with the DS office students must meet with DS Staff to obtain accommodation letters for each class. Accommodations are provided on term-by-term basis. Review of syllabi and discussion with the student at the beginning of each term helps guide approved appropriate and reasonable accommodations for each course.

Once the student obtains accommodation letters, the student must meet with faculty to discuss their accommodation needs. Faculty must approve (initial) each accommodation and sign the accommodation letter. Students must return signed letters to the DS office in a timely manner.

DS staff will work closely with faculty and students as needed to help implement approved and appropriate accommodations.

For more information regarding the accommodations process, please see the Disability Services Student Handbook.

Syllabus Statement

Please ensure the following information is included in your syllabi:

Students with a documented disability who require assistance or academic accommodations should contact the office of Disability Services immediately to discuss eligibility. Disability Services staff are located on both the Klamath Falls and Portland-Metro campuses; however, arrangements can be made to meet with a student on any campus or via phone.

Meetings are by appointment only, so please contact the Disability Services office at the campus closest to you: Klamath Falls (541) 851-5227 or Portland-Metro (503) 821-1305.

Specific information and Disability Services forms can be found at www.oit.edu, then go to “Academics” and click on “Student Success Center” and then “Disability Services.” This link leads to the department’s website: https://www.oit.edu/academics/ssc/disability-services

Teaching Students with Disabilities/FAQs

Determine whether the student has an accommodation letter for your class from the Disability Services office. If the student does not have such a letter, do not arrange accommodations with the student yourself; please refer them to the DS office.

DS staff are trained to determine appropriate accommodations based on a combination of diagnostic and student reports. Accommodations are never "typical" or "standard" they are both disability and person dependent. This means they can very from person to person for similar disabilities. DS staff spend a lot of time with students walking through various school and study scenarios in an attempt to gain a thorough understanding of their accommodation needs in an effort implement reasonable and appropriate accommodations that will best serve the students and help them meet their academic potential.

Yes. Students registration with DS is confidential. Additionally, students are not required to disclose to faculty what their disability is. They simply are disclosing that they have a disability under section 504/ADA.

Contact the DS office immediately. We will work with you to make adjustments to ensure the student has full and safe access in the class/lab environment.

Perhaps. Some students will have accommodations that require technology in the classroom including but not limited to audio note taking/recording, laptops for taking notes, video magnifiers, and remote interpreting/transcribers. If a student has an accommodation need for technology we it will likely need to be allowed based on previous OCR guidance.

The DS Accommodation Policy requires that all Accommodation Letters are signed with and returned to the DS office a minimum of five business days before the first quiz/exam in order to receive accommodations.

No. It is always best to go through the proper channels for accommodations so the DS office can track the services the student receives.

Based on guidance from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, academic accommodations must be approved as long as they do not fundamentally alter the nature of the course. If you have questions or concerns about a specific accommodations, please reach out to DS staff for a conversation before denying accommodations.

Rights & Responsibilities

Disability Services

Rights and Responsibilities for Students and Faculty

Students with disabilities have the right to:

  • Participate in higher education if they are qualified for admission
  • Equal access to academic content and educational opportunities
  • Participate in student activities
  • Academic adjustments (reasonable accommodations)
  • Confidentiality on all disability related information
  • File a formal and/or informal complaint if discrimination occurs

Students with disabilities are required to:

  • Identify themselves to the Disability Services Office and set an intake appointment with the DS office.
  • Provide required documentation of disabilities and complete required forms within timelines established on Accommodation Policies
  • Meet with DS staff every term to discuss accommodation needs and current class schedule.
  • Discuss with faculty how accommodations will be applied to within each class.

Faculty have the right to:

  • Maintain the fundamental nature of their course content and objectives
  • Consult with Disability Services Staff in an accommodation seems unreasonable
  • Request an official accommodation letter from Disability Services before providing accommodations

Faculty have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure full access for students with disabilities by responding to a student’s need or request for accommodations in a timely manner
  • Work with DS to provide accommodations listed on the accommodation letter provided by the DS office
  • Implement best practices for teaching diverse learners
  • Maintain confidentiality of students who disclose a disability or who are working with the DS office for accommodations.
  • Include a syllabus statement on how students can access accommodations (link to DS syllabus statement)



Oregon Tech contracts with local and remote interpreting services to provide American Sign Language interpreters in the classroom, on campus and for various institutional events.

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