TOP Advisory Board

What is it?

The TOP Advisory Board is a way for different Oregon Tech departments to coordinate effectively to provide excellent services to our TOP students. The board meets twice yearly to connect and organize programming for TOP students as well as to review goals, objectives, and future program plans.

Coordination with Other Programs:

Financial Aid: Regular consultation regarding needs of TOP participants, coordination of awarding grants, offering financial aid application and money management workshops, providing lists of TOP participants on financial aid probation / suspension

Admissions: Referrals of students conditionally admitted to OIT, dissemination of TOP information through campus tours and mailings

Center for Learning and Teaching (CFLAT): Coordination of tutoring and tutor training, registration and testing activities, coordination of Academic Success Courses (ACAD), coordination of services for at-risk students, early identification of first-generation status

Disability Services: Coordination of services for participants, referrals between programs, verification of disability status

Residence Life: Collaboration to provide September Bridge and FYE programming, coordination of Student Success Mentor activities

Campus Life: Dissemination of TOP information to student programs, collaboration of services to increase social engagement

Integrated Student Health Center: Coordination of services and referrals, evaluation of students with disabilities, consultation regarding physical, mental health and wellness concerns

Student Affairs Division: Coordination of services for at-severe-risk students (Student Services Team), conducting code consultation/enforcement, facilitation of medical withdrawal process, coordination of academic support programming