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Testing Services ~ Information Sheet for Instructors & Students
Instructors - Testing Services will assume the following if you do not complete the form or forget to indicate your wishes:
  • Closed book, No notes, No calculator, No scratch paper, 50 minute time limit (110 min for final exams).
  • Testing Services interprets “Open Book” as meaning the text and anything written on the actual text pages.
  • Notes or other items attached in any way to the book are not considered part of the text and will not be permitted.
  • If you choose to allow students to use a personal calculator, Testing Services is not responsible for content stored in calculator.
  • If you indicate that the item is review material, we will assume you do not wish students to have writing instruments or other materials during the review unless you specifically state otherwise.
  • We will try to contact you to let you know and/or confirm your wishes if there is a question or dispute.
  • We will let the student know what we must assume and give them the choice of taking the exam according to our policies or waiting until they are able to contact you.
  • Testing Services is not responsible for lost or otherwise undelivered mail.
  • We will sign out material we send to your office.
  • We will return unclaimed items via campus mail after 2 weeks.
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We will return unclaimed items via campus mail after two weeks.

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NOTE: Testing Services is no longer able to print exams and bill to the respective department. All exams must be hand delivered by the instructor, their agent, or the DRC.

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