Registration Process

Admission & Registration Process

There is a four-step process to registering for Oregon Tech dual credit. Students will be issued an Oregon Tech ID#, email account, and log in instructions. It is imperative that students provide valid contact information, especially a current email address. Once a student is issued an Oregon Tech email address, they will be expected to log in regularly to their Oregon Tech issued email account.

If you have already been issued an Oregon Tech ID# (918#), or have taken a dual credit class from Oregon Tech within the last 12 months, you do not need to fill out the application. You can move on to STEP #2 or #3 if you already have login credentials.


Spring Registration is NOW Open - Important Dates

 STEP #1: Apply

Students need to complete a simple online application to begin the enrollment process. Below is a step-by-step guide to complete this process.

Apply for Admission
Before you begin the application, you will need to have a valid email address. Knowing some basic parent information is important, too. Parent/Guardian information you will need to know includes:
  1. Parent/guardian email
  2. Residency information – when your parent/guardian moved to Oregon and when their driver’s license was issued in Oregon
  3. Parent/Guardian phone number

  1. Go to to start the application and select APPLY
  2. Create a new account
  3. Move through the new account creation steps
  4. Begin Application
  5. Select Application Type – Student MUST select Applications for high school students
  6. Enter Contact Information
  7. Select Entry Term
  8. Enter in Residency Information
  9. Enter Birthdate and Citizenship
  10. Enter Parent/Guardian Information
  11. Enter High School Information – Note we need correct graduation year (please select high school from drop down menu and click select to populate fields)
  12. Submit Application (Make sure you click the submit button and get the congratulations you have submitted your application message - if you don't hit submit, we will not receive your application)
  13. All Done with the Application – Email will be sent with ID# and next steps for electronic registration (takes 24 to 48 hours to receive email - check your personal email often for next steps)

 STEP #2: Explore MyOIT

Logging into MyOIT for the first time:
To log into your MyOIT for the first time you will need your user name and the last four digits of your student ID or 918# that you receive from Oregon Tech.

This information is delivered to your personal email address within 24 to 48 hours after you complete your application.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Oregon Tech student user name and your password
    Log into MyOIT with your user name and password (first time entry will be firstname.lastname and your password is Hootie plus the last four digits of your student ID or 918 number) Your 918 number is at the top of this email.

    First Time Login Example:
    Oregon Tech ID:  918XX5678
    Student Name:  John Doe
    Login: john.doe
    Password: Hootie5678

    *NOTE: You will be prompted to change your password. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character (#@!$%). Please change your password to something you will remember!
  3. After logging in, you will be taken through three case sensitive security questions and demographic surveys- these tasks only need to be completed once.

    Need help?
    If you have any difficulties logging in, please contact:
    Oregon Tech Information Technology Services

    *This office can assist with your login. It is better to call after the first failed attempt than to try multiple times and lock out your access to the system.

 STEP #3: Register for a Course

Registering for a dual credit course with Oregon Tech
Registration is required in order to earn credits for a dual credit class. It is the student's responsibility to register through Oregon Tech's online system. Before you can register, you need to know the five-digit course reference umber (CRN) for your dual credit course. CRN's are sent to the high school teacher when registration opens for the term.

  1. Go to MyOIT
  2. Log in if you are not already logged in. (see instructions above – remember if you changed your password)
  3. Go to --“Web for Student”
  4. Enter Initial PIN Number (PIN= student birth date MMDDYY)
  5. Set up security questions
  6. Go to -- “Student Menu”
  7. Go to -- "Student Registration"
  8. Go to – “Register, Add or Drop Classes”
  9. Read Oregon Tech Account Terms and Conditions – Select “I Confirm Agreement” *The terms and agreements is regarding paying for your account/tuition at Oregon Tech. Tuition is $25 per credit or FREE for Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) students. Tuition Waivers need to be completed and turned in to teacher if you are requesting FRL status. Most courses range in cost from $75 to $125.
  10. Enter ACP Advisor PIN = *hstud
  11. Register for class using CRN provided by your high school teacher
  12. Enter 5 digit CRN in "Add Classes Worksheet"
  13. If you don't know your CRN, you can look it up at or call 541.885.1844
  14. Confirm registration by going to Class Schedule to review

If you do not have your Oregon Tech OWL ID# (starts with 918), please call 541.885.1844 or 541.885.1300.​

 STEP #4: Complete Payment

Completing payment for a dual credit course with Oregon Tech
Tuition is required to be paid in full for all dual credit courses with Oregon Tech upon registration. Accounts that have tuition due after registration are subject to collection procedures and prohibited from further registration until payment is received. After you register, you must submit payment for your courses online through one of three ways: Online Payment, Payment by Mail or Tuition Waiver.

CASHNet® Instructions

  1. Go to MyOIT
  2. Log in if you are not already logged in. (see instructions above – remember if you changed your password)
  3. Go to – “Web for Student”
  4. Go to – “Student Menu”
  5. Go to – "Student Records"
  6. Go to -- "CASHNet"
  7. Go to – "Add New"
  8. Establish Benefactor access
  9. Go to – "Make payment"
  10. Go to – "Student Account Payments"
  11. Select Term
  12. Enter Price
  13. Checkout
  14. Select Payment Method
  15. Continue to Checkout
  16. Review Payment Details
  17. Submit Payment

Payment by Mail

Make Check Payable to:
Oregon Institute of Technology

Mail To:
Attention: Cashier
Oregon Institute of Technology
3201 Campus Dr.
Klamath Falls, OR 97601 – 8801

(Please include Oregon Tech student ID 918-xx-xxxx with all payments)

Tuition Waiver

  1. Complete Tuition Waiver - Download under files on this page
  2. Return completed form to Academic Agreements - Klamath Falls - Tuition waivers must be received by close of registration in order to be processed for the current term. Any waivers received after registration will be processed for the next term in the academic year.

Questions? Contact

Grace Rusth

Grace Rusth, Academic Partnerships Coordinator

 Klamath Falls Campus

Carleen Drago Starr

Carleen Drago Starr, Academic Partnerships Coordinator