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This exciting competition brought more than 100 Mathletes® from all over the Klamath Basin and northern California to campus.

Overall Scholarship Award Winners

  • Zoe Whitlock, Ponderosa Junior High received $2500
  • Spencer DeVries, Roosevelt Elementary received $1500
  • Marina Howresko, Henley Middle School received $1000

MATHCOUNTS Competition 


1st place – Zoe Whitlock, Ponderosa Junior High School
2nd place – Spencer DeVries, Roosevelt Elementary School
3rd place – Hayden Dentinger, Ponderosa Junior High School


1st place – Ponderosa Junior High School Team #1 (Zoe Whitlock, Rianna Delgado, Hayden Dentinger, Jacob Slinker)
2nd place – Roosevelt Elementary Extreme Exponent (Megan Holm, Audrey Lindgren, Christy Mueller, Zoe Haupt)
3rd place – Henley Middle School Henley Honey Bees (Aimee Bruner, Claire Field, Paige Hahn, Meghan Holiday)

Oregon Tech Competition (non-official)


1st place – Marina Howresko, Henley Middle School
2nd place – Tiana Taylor, Lost River
3rd place – Tanner Weaver, Tulelake


1st place – Roosevelt Elementary Quadratic Quartet (Cassandra Shih, Kenneth Crowell, Spencer DeVries, Jessica Reed)
2nd place – Tulelake Junior High Imaginary π (Kaitlin Hartung, D'Anna Massey, Alejandro Pardo, Tanner Weaver)
3rd place – Lost River Team #4 (Tanner Girtman, Bailin Mann, Jose Rizo, Andrew Taylor)