Tech Ambassador Responsibilities

Official Responsibilities

Conduct campus tours for prospective students during campus visits

Assist in preparation and staffing of campus events including (but not limited to):

Eligibility Requirements

  • Maintain good academic standing and full-time enrollment status
  • Attend the Klamath Falls campus for at least two quarters prior to applying
  • Be on time, able to meet deadlines and manage time well
  • Attend all scheduled campus visit events, making them a priority over other job commitments (only class schedules, athletic program obligations and illness are taken into consideration if conflicts occur)
  • Abide by Oregon Tech's dress code and wear an Oregon Tech name tag
  • Be prepared to walk outdoors in rain, snow, ice, and summer heat, even when you're not scheduled in advance for a campus tour (sometimes they're spontaneous for drop-ins)
  • Wear official Oregon Tech shirt and name tags for all special events and, occasionally, more formal dress, such as dresses, pant suits, slacks, shirts and ties (with advance notice)

Time Commitment

  • September, three days the week before classes
  • Mandatory ambassador and/or staff meetings
A minimum of five hours per week, in addition to special events
  • Two regularly scheduled office hours per week for campus tours and general office support (this is optional finals week only)
  • Up to three evening hours weekly for telecounseling (phoning prospective students from the Admissions Office)

Work an average of 80 hours per quarter (240 per year)