International Students seeking to attend Oregon Tech on an F-1 visa must be issued an I-20 document from Oregon Tech. This document can only be issued after a student is fully admitted and they complete the remaining paperwork that is on this page.

Students transferring their I-20 from another U.S. university to Oregon Tech must send the following documents:

Students attending Oregon Tech as their first US University must send the following documents to Oregon Tech:

Please send all documents by e-mail, fax or mail to:

Office of Admissions
Oregon Tech
3201 Campus Drive.
Klamath Falls, OR  97601  USA

541-885-1024 (fax)
Any questions please call: 541-885-1150

Conditional Admission:

Students who have been admitted on the condition that they must complete their English Language Proficiency must submit evidence of proficiency prior to receiving an I-20.

Required Financial Documentation. Please see the following link for a breakdown of costs. Bank statements/scholarships must be provided to cover all costs. See link here.