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Meet the Candidates- Klamath Falls

2020-2021 ASOIT Elections Klamath Falls Candidate Essays



Mason Wichmann 
My name is Mason Wichmann and I am your candidate for the President of ASOIT. I am an embedded systems and software engineering dual major currently in my sophomore year. I’ve been an Oregonian for most of my life living in the Beaverton Area just outside of Portland. In my free time I enjoy hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, and generally anything outdoors. I am looking forward to running for ASOIT again and continuing to enact positive change in my community. 
Gabi Taylor


Gabi Taylor
Hello! My name is Gabi and I am a Freshman at OIT, double majoring in Bio Health Science and Environmental Science in hopes of becoming a vet! I am running for Vice President so I can make a difference at OIT and be a voice for everyone! 



Sasha Rabich 
ey, my name is Sasha Rabich, and I want to be your next ASOIT Vice President. Before attending OIT, I spent several years at a local Community College. As a first-generation nontraditional transfer student. I believe that my experiences there and at OIT have pushed me to grow and better myself, and in turn I want to make sure others have the space and opportunity to grow and better themselves as well. To help accomplish this dream, I believe that I bring a unique set of public speaking experience and passion towards student government. Put together, I hope to take this dream and make it a reality.

My biggest take away from my time in Speech and Debate is that every voice and every story matter. I take time to understand where people are coming from and to try to get multiple points of view on a subject. I am also able to spread that information around. Public speaking being a passion of mine, I could amplify our ideas and spotlight the issues while trying to resolve it, instead of hiding it away.

My passion to give back to my community is what ultimately drives all this. I want to make the school a better place, and even without this position, I give my time to share my voice. Already sitting on two different committees at this school, and attending each ASOIT meeting, I always attempt to make student’s voices heard and fight for their interests. 

The leg work I’ve already put in gives me the confidence and desire to make positive lasting change for my fellow Owls. With your help, I think I could do just that."