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Ongoing Opportunities to Serve

Ongoing Projects:

We have found that many of our students have a desire to serve but don’t know how to identify opportunities, while many local organizations struggle to find volunteers. In order to help bridge this gap, we have created an online database of volunteer opportunities in our community! This list will continue to be updated as we receive more registrations from community agencies, so check back often!

Need Volunteers?

If you need ongoing volunteers, please fill out the
Community Service & Volunteerism Agency Registration form.

If you need volunteers for a single event, please fill out the
Community Service & Volunteerism Event form.

Citizens for Safe Schools

Mentoring for youth ages 4th- 8th grade. Mentors sign up for one hour per week out in the community (Matched one to one with a student).

Contact Name: Kelley Minty Morris
Phone Number: 541-882-3198
Email: kmorris@citizensforsafeschools.org
Best way to contact: Phone
Website: www.citizensforsafeschools.org

Mission of Agency: Citizens for Safe Schools believes Character Counts and Mentoring Matters. We also believe the brain is wired for relationship, and all healing occurs in the context of relationship. Mentoring is our chosen strategy for helping kids do better in school and reducing their risk of committing crimes or abusing drugs.

Population Served: Children

Volunteer Requirements: Application, Orientation, Background Check, Reference Check—must complete training course.

Citizen Review Board

The Citizen Review Board (CRB) in Klamath is in need of volunteer board members. Board members participate in reviews of children in foster care one weekday per month, as well as reviewing case materials prior to reviews. We typically prefer volunteers to commit to at least two years of service if possible.

Contact Name(s): Tina Qualls
Phone Number: (541) 776-7171 xtn. 199
Email Address: tina.qualls@ojd.state.or.us
Address: 1163 State Street, Salem Or 97301
Best way to contact: Email
Website: http://courts.oregon.gov/

Mission of Agency: We provide a citizen voice on the safety, stability, and supervision of children in foster care through impartial case review and advocacy.
Our Vision:Citizens will shape public policy and actively promote conditions to ensure that every child lives in a safe, secure, healthy, and permanent home, preserving families whenever possible.
   The Citizen Review Board (CRB) in Klamath is in need of volunteer board members. Board members participate in reviews of children in foster care one weekday per month, as well as reviewing case materials prior to reviews. The CRB creates a system of checks and balances in which the community has both input and impact on how the Department of Human Services serves the children and families of Oregon. If you would like to volunteer please visit our website for more information and to complete an application at the website listed above. Thank you!

Population Served: Children, DHS Child Welfare

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, age requirement, application, etc.
   Background Check, Reference Check, Application, 16 hours of training, and CRB observation

Department of Human Services

Clothing closet, transports, tutoring, office work, season outreach, assist agency in meeting program goals by providing various services.


Contact Name: Jill Sipes
Phone Number: 541-850-3618
Email: jill.sipes@state.or.us
Best way to contact: Email
Website: www.oregon.gov/DHS

Mission of Agency: Helping Oregonians be independent, healthy and safe!

Population Served: Children, Elderly, Homeless, Low income, Veterans

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, application and references

High Desert Hospice

Hospice is specialized care provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals and trained volunteers. When curative treatment is no longer an effective or desired option, hospice can step in to enhance a patient's quality of life while alleviating pain and other symptoms. 
Volunteers play an essential role in the philosophy and delivery of hospice care. These are just a few of the ways you can help: 
-Patient Support
-Administrative Support
-Special Projects

Contact Name(s): Cathy VanDyke
Phone Number: (541) 882-1636
Email Address: cathy.vandyke@inspiringhospice.com
Address: 2210 Shallock Ave., Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Best way to contact: Email
Website: http://www.hdhweb.com

Mission of Agency: To provide superior and compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones, so that they may complete their journey on this earth in comfort, dignity and harmony.

Population Served: Terminally ill patients and their families

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteers at High Desert Hospice take part in thorough training and orientation, including completion of a background check. We make sure you have all the knowledge and resources you need to do the job you've generously volunteered to do. 
Our volunteer coordinator works with you to determine and schedule the activities that are most appropriate, and fit best with your skill set and schedule. 

Junior Achievement of Klamath County

Students can sign up as individuals or pairs to teach one of Junior Achievement's programs to K-12 students in the Klamath Falls City School District or in the Klamath County School District. Depending on the program, the time commitment is one hour of volunteer training and another 5 - 10 hours preparing and the teaching in the classroom. All program materials are provided.

Contact Name(s): Anne Hiller Clark
Phone Number: (541) 884-1190
Email Address: ahillerclark@ja-pdx.org
Address: 205 Riverside Dr., Suite F, Klamath Falls, OR 07601
Best way to contact: Email
Website: jaorswwa.org / www.facebook.com/JAORSWWA

Mission of Agency: To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy.

Population Served: Children

Volunteer Requirements: Must have graduated from high school, have good presentation skills and an interest in teaching young people about work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Online volunteer registration required.

Klamath Animal Shelter

Offering their services at the shelter to help in the care of the pets waiting for their forever homes and also helping out at Adoption events help at Petco, Big R, and other places.

Contact Name: Linda Reifel
Phone Number: 541-884-7387
Email: Pre9157826@aol.com
Best way to contact: Email
Facebook Page: Klamath Animal Shelter

Mission of Agency: The Klamath Animal takes in all animals in need including, dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, horses, goats, etc. Every effort is made to find new homes for animals in need. We maintain a high standard of care for animals in our care. We are in need of volunteers to help keep cat rooms clean, walk dogs, train dogs, clean dog rooms, and customer service to help pets get adopted.

Population Served: Animals, Children, Elderly

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, minimum of 18 years of age, love of animals!

Klamath County Fire District #4

Members are expected to respond to a percentage of all calls each month. (A "call" is when someone dials 911 and requests assistance, then a fire engine or ambulance is sent to their location) Members would be trained to go on 911 calls and help community members with their emergency. Check our website or join us at our weekly Tuesday night training at 6:30pm. Training are open to the public.

Contact Name: Carl Agrifoglio
Phone Number: 541-884-1670
Email: contactus@firedistrict4.com
Best way to contact:Email
Website: www.firedistrict4.com

Mission of Agency: This volunteer association’s mission shall be to save lives and property from damage and destruction by fire, providing medical care, and to promote fire prevention.

Population Served: Children, Elderly, Homeless, Infirm/Hospitalized, Low income, Outdoors, Veterans, Other (Anyone that calls 911!)

Volunteer Requirements: Must be 18 or older, pass criminal background check, pass drug screening, fill out application and be voted into the association.

Klamath Falls City Parks

Grant writing, develop marketing plan (Ella Redkey Pool), trail maintenance, noxious weed removal, produce/update maps/brochures, brochure design, landscape maintenance (weeds, rake, trim roses, etc.)

Contact Name: Ken Hay or John Bellon
Phone Number: 541-883-5351
Email: cityparks@ci.klamath-falls.or.us
Best way to contact:Email
Website: http://ci.klamath-falls.or.us

Mission of Agency: Provide Parks and Recreation opportunities in the Klamath Falls Urban Growth area.

Population Served: Animals, Children, Elderly, Low income, Outdoors, Veterans, Families

Volunteer Requirements: Volunteer form w/ emergency contact information

Klamath Falls City Schools AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination 

Location: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Job Title: AVID Tutor AVID in Post-Secondary Readiness Schools: Klamath Union High School & Ponderosa Middle School, Volunteers needed or hourly rates available @ $15.00/hour
Schedule: Flexible hours during the school day.
Unlimited hours to fit a college student’s schedule.
Application Date: Open until filled.
Position Start Date: As soon as possible.
Responsibilities: • Takes an active role in developing the academic and personal strengths of AVID Students. • Assists students in the successful completion of college eligibility requirements. • Provides academic support for students in rigorous courses. • Encourages students to enroll in a four-year college or university after high school. • Serves as a role model/mentor for AVID students. • Actively participate in collaborative groups and tutorials. • Facilitate the tutorial learning process and implement AVID methodologies. • Adhere to district/site policies and procedures. • Complete 16 hours of tutor training. Requirements: Be enrolled in a college or university or have college degree. Attendance is mandatory at scheduled program training and meetings. No previous tutoring experience is required.

Please contact Charlene Herron, KFCS AVID District Director if interested.
Charlene Herron
Secondary Curriculum/AVID District Director
Klamath Falls City Schools
1336 Avalon Street
Klamath Falls, Or  97603
541.883.4700 x 7521

Klamath Family Head Start

Classroom volunteers, working with children is primarily the type of volunteers we are looking for.

Contact Name: Melinda Gomez
Phone Number: 541-882-5988
Email: megomez@kfhs4kids.org
Best way to contact:Email
Website: www.kfheadstart.org/

Mission of Agency: To provide services to all enrolled families that will assist in making their lives better.

Population Served: Children

Volunteer Requirements: Background check through childcare division-cost is $3

Klamath Hospice and Palliative Care

Klamath Falls, Oregon

The mission of Klamath Hospice is to improve the end-of-life experience for the terminally ill and their families. KHI serves its mission by providing quality care to patients and families in the greater Klamath area and northern California regardless of individual circumstances and by advocating for and providing compassionate care, bereavement support and public education.
       To achieve our mission we will:
       — Respect the dignity of each individual.
       — Show compassion in all our interactions.
       — Respect each other’s spiritual beliefs.
       — Communicate openly and honestly.
       — Strive for excellence through education.
       — Celebrate our successes and learn from our setbacks.
       Your care. Our mission.

Please contact Brenda Hagge @ 541.882.2902

Oregon Tech Library

Organization collections including historical photographs of campus, digitizing yearbooks, making displays, and other interesting projects related to the history of Oregon Tech.

Contact Name(s): Alla Powers
Phone Number: (541) 884-1784
Email Address: alla.powers@oit.edu
Address: 3201 Campus Drive, LRC
Best way to contact: Email
Website: www.oit.edu/libraries/about/collections/archives

Mission of Agency: Preservation of campus history

Population Served: Students, faculty, staff

Volunteer Requirements: Application

OSU Extension Service Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center

Assist in planning and organizing nutrition education classes and demonstrations. Assemble supplies for sessions Promote nutrition and physical activity in schools and community Co-facilitate sessions to fidelity Cooperate with and assist local OSU Extension Staff Keep appropriate records.

Contact Name(s): Patty Case
Phone Number: 541-883-7131
Email Address: patty.case@oregonstate.edu
Address: 6923 Washburn Way Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Best way to contact: Email
Website: oregonstate.edu/dept/kbrec

Mission of Agency: To provide OSU Extension Service educational programs on healthy eating and physical activity to limited resource families and general public utilizing research-based information, curriculum, and tools.

Population Served: Children, Elderly, Low Income Populations

Volunteer Requirements: Complete background check, maintain up-to-date Food handlers Card, effectively communicate with agency partners and class participants by telephone, personal contact, group contact, and/or writing, basic knowledge and skill about healthy eating, enjoy working with people, demonstrate a commitment to diversity and to ensuring equal opportunity for those wishing to benefit from OSU Extension Programs and services.


“Volunteerism begins at the local level, and most of the good work done by those wanting to help others is coordinated by local organizations or local offices of national organizations. If you have a particular field in mind, it’s easy to find the contact information for local coordinators online.” Please visit the website to see a list of these opportunities.

Phone Number: (281) 846-3085 Email Address: contact@publichealth.org
PublicHealth.org is based in Houston, TX and connects volunteers to organizations all around the world.
Best way to contact:
See our website for short and long term local, national, and international volunteering opportunities.

Mission of Agency:
PublicHealth.org is dedicated to connecting patients, students and professionals to the latest and most useful healthcare information and resources available. Our team works hard to offer you:
• A comprehensive look into the expanding field of public health
• The latest in health policy updates and recommendations
• Information on launching a career in public health

Population Served: Animals, Children, Elderly, Homeless, Infirm/Hospitalized, Low income, outdoors/Nature/Beautification, Veterans, Other - please describe- use our resources to find the area(s) that interests you!

Volunteer Requirements: Varies by organization

“Your time is your most valuable asset, so it is important that your volunteer position is a good fit. As you investigate opportunities, do not limit yourself to a single organization or a specific type of work. Although an opportunity may look great on paper, the reality can be quite different. Keep a few things in mind when looking for the right community service program:

  • Know what is expected.
  • Understand the time commitment.
  • Visit different organizations.
  • Introduce yourself to the staff and fellow volunteers.
  • Ask questions to ensure the experience fits your goals, skills, and available time.
  • Make sure you can enjoy yourself”

Relay For Life of Klamath County

We have opportunities open on our Planning Committee (we would love to have a youth involvement chair) and other positions, as well. We have various events throughout the year where we can use volunteers to help with sign up. We have team captain and participant positions open as well. If cancer has ever touched your life in any way and you are interested in helping in the FIGHT TO FIND A CURE, we will find a position that you are interested in!

Contact Name: Becky Collins
Phone Number: 541-281-4050
Email: klamathrelay@gmail.com
Best way to contact:Email
Facebook Page: Relay For Life of Klamath County

Mission of Agency: What Is Relay For Life? Each year, more than 4 million people in over 20 countries raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer through the Relay For Life movement. Celebrate during a Relay event, participants and survivors celebrate what they've overcome. Remember We remember people lost to the disease, and honor people who have fought or are fighting cancer. Fight Back the event inspires Relay participants to take action against a disease that has taken too much.

Population Served: Children, Elderly, Homeless, Low income, Veterans

Volunteer Requirements: None!

Ross Ragland Theater

Join our volunteer team and assist at performances, special events, backstage, ticket booth, and office work

Contact Name(s): Bonnie Sims
Phone Number: (541) 884-0651
Email Address: volunteers@rrtheater.org
Address: 218 N. 7th Street Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Best way to contact: Email
Website: www.rrtheater.org

Mission of Agency: Provide high-quality performing arts and educational experiences that enhance community in the Klamath Basin.

Population Served: Children, Arts & Culture

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, must be at least 18 years old, application process

Sage Community School
Chiloquin, Oregon

Mission of agency: 
Sage Community School creates a safe, collaborative and academically rigorous environment for grades K-8 in the greater Chiloquin Area. Our place-based learning model focuses on area natural resources, agriculture and tribal culture. The curricula integrates core instruction with project-based instruction on a foundation of experiential learning. Sage actively promotes critical thinking skills, character education, and encourages students to create, discover and live responsibly. 

Population Served: 
   Low income
Volunteer requirements/prerequisites? Background check, age requirement, application, etc.
Background Check, Application
What types of ongoing projects are available for students looking for volunteer opportunities?
Classroom Help, Field Trip Chaperone, Reading & Math Student Support, Sharing Special Interests, Maintenance/Construction, Grant Support, Internship, etc.
Contact:  Best way to contact : Email 
Anna Fowler @ 541.783.2533

Shasta View Retirement Community

Helping with games, reading to someone, preparing for projects, help in day trips, decorating the community, helping at special events, making hats for the needy, exercise classes, leading meditation, bean bag toss, Bunko, daily news chronicle, research on computer, bingo, party setup and planning, baking, school children hour, computer tutoring, ring toss game, movie night, qi gong, blanket club, hat club, red hat luncheon, shopping, restaurant hoppers, Wii hour, lots of different things for you all to do!


Contact Name: Maryann Keiffer
Phone Number: 541-850-0266 
Email: shastaviewhouse-mpc@alcco.com
Best way to contact: Email
Website: www.enlivant.com

Mission of Agency: To enhance our residents' quality of life by creating a home-like setting that fosters independence, dignity and choice. We continually strive to improve and are committed to our vision: to be the assisted living provider of choice in the communities we serve by delivering quality care and services in a warm, friendly and engaging home-like setting.

Population Served: Elderly 

Volunteer Requirements: Interest sheet, application, patience and love of the elderly!

SMART Reading Program

Once weekly reading/mentoring sessions throughout the school year (as early as mid- October and through mid- May). Assistance with periodic fundraising events (Snowflake Festival in December, Volunteer Appreciation event in April…)

Contact Name(s): Alisa Gailey/ Holly Stork
Phone Number: 541-273-2424 
Best way to contact: Phone
Website: www.getSMARToregon.org

Mission of Agency: SMART engages community volunteers to read one-on-one with Pre-K through third-grade children who need reading support. Participating children also receive new books each month to keep and read with their families. Our vision is an Oregon where every child can read and is empowered to succeed.

Population Served: Children

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, have patience and enjoy reading and being around youth.

Youth Rising

Every hour of your time donated can impact a young person’s life! Volunteering for even an hour each week, or a few hours each month, can make a big difference. Youth Rising is currently recruiting volunteers to teach music, dance, various types of art, hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, woodworking, sewing, embroidery -- plus life-skills classes or provide free tutoring.

Youth Rising connects youth & teens 11-18 years with fun recreational activities, a variety of clubs, tutoring, community projects & trained trustworthy peer-support specialists. Youth Rising helps young people 11-18 build self-confidence, life-skills, a connection to the arts, make friends offline, and interact with peers. Youth Rising provides safe, secure location for young people to spend time together after school at the Drop-In Center.

Contact Name(s): Maggie McGonigle, Drop-In Center Manager
Phone Number: 541-851-1112
Address: 729 Main Street, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Email: dropin@youthrising.com
Best way to contact: Email
Website: www.youthrising.com 

Mission of Agency: Youth Rising is an inclusive youth-led, youth-driven non-profit organization for teens aged 11-18. We provide volunteer, philanthropy, and leadership opportunities, and programs that build employability & social skills at the Youth Rising Drop-In Center located at 729 Main Street. The 600-800 teens we serve on a monthly-basis consider the Drop-In to be a safe-haven in the community. We empower youth to reach their fullest potential as productive citizens support young people in advocating for a better community.

Population Served: Children, Low Income Families, Teens

Volunteer Requirements: Background check, interview, volunteer application, 18 and older

We are continually recruiting volunteers to interact with our teens between 3-6 pm Monday through Friday at our Drop-In Center. Volunteers can hang out with youth or teen participants as a positive role models, while also encouraging volunteers with a special skill, hobby, or passion in order to introduce new skills to our youth participants/ We also offer internships & extern opportunities, as well as Senior Project hours.

Current Volunteer Needs: Youth Rising is currently in need of the following for our participating youth on a monthly or every other week basis for 1-2 hours at a time.

  • Music tutor/instructor = The Drop-In Center has a piano, multiple guitars, and other instruments that youth are interested in learning to play. If you have a passion for music & can play a piano or string-instrument, please consider volunteering once a month, every other week, or weekly to offer free instructions on how to play music using these instruments. Or if you have experience in acapella, choir music or other singing methods, please consider organizing a musical activity around singing and music at the Drop-In Center.
  • Crafts, hobbies or games = Several volunteers are needed in order to teach youth about hands-on crafts or hobbies (such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking, woodworking or other crafts), any type of drawing or artwork, and other activities of this type. If you have a passion for cards, dice or board games, please consider offering a few opportunities to teach these games to youth 11-18 years.
  • Creative Writing / Poetry / Song-Lyrics club = Volunteers are needed to help youth learn how to turn express their feelings into poetry, stories, journaling, song-lyrics, spoken-word expressions, or other written word activities. If you love to write please consider donating your time to local youth to learn how to express themselves, use inspiration and create something from their own life. This shouldn’t be a classroom style club activity, but include creative prompts, engaging activities, or other brief exercises to help youth engage in writing -- perhaps even helping them to address their own lives & feelings through writing. We’d love to have you help our youth get their hands moving on the page and coming up with their own stories, poems, or songs.
  • Video games = Volunteers are needed to organize video game tournaments, donate used video games or items that are no longer interesting/fun to play on your own system. Consider how your own video game experience and interest could be of use to those who access the YR video game consoles, Rock Band, or other systems/games available at the Drop-In Center.
  • Computer/STEM activities = Anyone with experience in coding or web-design, or with a major in computer science, that might be able to volunteer on a monthly or every other week basis to teach young men & women how to code, design websites, do their own podcasts, design online “zines,” learn new computer skills, and similar activities, would be welcome to volunteer.
  • Fundraising event volunteers = YR needs volunteers to help raise funds for the Drop-In Center, which provides a free, safe space for after school or during school breaks. If you’re interested in helping out please consider volunteering your time to assist in developing fundraising events, working with clubs, sports teams, or other activity-based groups on the OIT campus to raise funds for local kids. Any event or project can make a big difference! Please consider how you can help the 26% of Klamath County youth that are living in poverty, with 65% of all local K-12 students eligible for a reduced of free school lunch -- the more funding support to help those youth in need the better. Help us keep the lights on at the Drop-In Center!

If you’re interested in any of these activities, please email dropin@youthrising.com for more information.


Contact Amy to volunteer at YMCA events for children and family. Contact Marty Kennelly for outdoor clean up, brush removal/hauling, some mowing, raking, working a compost pile, yard work on a large scale. volunteers should be prepared to spend hours in the sun, dealing with tree trimmings, weed pulling, brush removal, etc.

Contact Name(s): Amy Bender
Phone Number: 541-887-2512
Contact Name(s): Marty Kennelly
Phone Number: 541-891-2647 
Address: 1221 S. Alameda Ave., Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Best way to contact: Phone
Website: www.kfallsymca.org

Mission of Agency: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy mind, body, and spirit and promote youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Population Served: Children, Elderly, Low Income Families, Veterans, and Outdoors/ Nature/ Beautification Projects

Volunteer Requirements: Positive Attitude, Experience with Children, Good health, Don't be afraid to get dirty.