Alternative Break Service Trips

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Alternative Spring Break

March 25-28, 2019

Join the V-Owls for the 6th annual community service trip during Spring Break! This year, we are venturing to Northern California to serve the recovery for the recent wildfires. 

Projects will include:
  • Serving at Habitat for Humanity
  • Volunteering at Turtle Bay
  • Assisting in some clean-up projects

After our working hours conclude, participants will be given the opportunity to explore the local communities and participate in group activities and entertainment. 

In order to participate in these trips, you would need to sign up in the Cashier’s office and pay a non-refundable deposit of $50. All costs will be covered by your deposit and by the department of Campus Life (including food, transportation, and lodging).You will be responsible for the costs of any food, entertainment, or activities that fall outside of the group's itinerary. 

Payment Plan is available!
In order to reserve your spot on the trip, please submit the payments to the Cashier's Office by the dates listed below. If you need extra assistance with a payment plan, please email 
Payment 1: $5- Due February 28, 2019
Payment 2: $20- Due March 8, 2019
Payment 3: $25- Due March 22, 2019

More details on the trips (what to wear, bring, pack, etc.) will be provided once we have our groups established. We hope that you can join us!


Contact Campus Life in the lower College Union or fill out the interest form by clicking on the image to the right.

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