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Pre-Orientation Program: S.O.A.R - Soaring into Success

This is your chance to SOAR! Consider applying to participate in this program that allows incoming first-year students the opportunity to access campus a week early in the fall to gain academic and personal success skills, and participate in common course together throughout fall term.  

What does SOAR stand for? 

S.O.A.R. - Soaring into Success  

     Find Support - Sense of Belonging and Resources 

     Explore Opportunities - Student Involvement and Career Exploration 

     Achieve Academic Success - Skills & Strategies 

     Build Resiliency - Continuing to SOAR at Oregon Tech 

What are the perks of participating in SOAR? 
  • Receive a $500 fall term scholarship 
  • Get support from a peer mentor (an Oregon Tech returning student who will be a great resource) 
  • Participate in a fall leadership and career development course 
  • Attend exclusive SOAR events and activities  
Who is eligible to participate in SOAR? 
  • Incoming first-year student to Oregon Tech. 
  • Intention of living off-campus (non-residence hall). 
  • Willingness to learn and be an active participant in the program. 
  • Be available to attend the pre-orientation session date. 
  • Enroll in the leadership and career development course throughout fall term. 
What does ‘pre-orientation program’ mean? 

The program allows incoming first-year students to access campus a week early to get connected with other students, and learn about resources for academic and personal success. You will attend sessions that expose you to campus resources, and meet fellow first-year students and participate in optional evening activities as well. 

The dates include: 
  • Sunday, September 19 – dinner and activity 
  • Monday, September 20 – morning and afternoon sessions 
  • Tuesday, September 21 – morning and afternoon sessions 
  • Wednesday, September 22 - morning and afternoon sessions  
  • Thursday, September 23 - field experience trip and activity  


What does my commitment look like throughout Fall Term? 
  • Enrollment in free leadership and career development course that meets weekly. 
  • Active access and connection to academic and personal success resources. 
  • Connection to Peer Mentors, who will aid in your success and be a helpful resource. 
  • Attend events and activities for SOAR students.  


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