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2012 Student Awards

Student Awards Banquet ~ June 15, 2012

Photos by Bill Goloski

Owens Citizenship Award

Owens Citizenship Award - Jordan Hunter

Jordan Hunter

The Owens Citizenship Award was established by the family of the late Rose and Vern J. Owens. It is intended for the student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has made outstanding contributions to the university. This is exemplified by high moral standards, participation in school activities, interest in the betterment of the student body standards, a cooperative attitude toward the faculty and fellow students, and a spirit of adventure in academic activities. This year’s recipient of the Owens Citizenship Award is Jordan Hunter.

Jordan Hunter will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. Jordan exemplifies the desired traits for the Owens Citizenship Award through his integrity, fairness to others, and his desire to help his fellow students and those around him.

Jordan was a team member of the 2011 Engineers Without Borders (EWB) USA implementation trip to Tanzania. His 2010 efforts for the EWB Oregon Tech student chapter included generating publicity, fundraising, and hands-on labor in Hanga, Tanzania to construct the first phase of a Slow Sand Filter to ultimately provide clean water to those suffering the effects of water contamination.

Jordan is a valued tutor in the Center for Learning and Teaching (CFLAT) at Oregon Tech. His supervisors recognize his warm, caring nature as well as his patience when working with others. Jordan is known for his dedication to his work inside and outside the classroom, as well as his humble leadership qualities.

Jordan is spiritually minded and active in his church. He was spotlighted by the local newspaper recently for his devotion, service, and time he spends at his church helping others.

Most Dedicated Student Award

Most Dedicated Student Award - Seth Frazier

Seth Frazier

The Most Dedicated Student Award was established in 1967 by alumnus Jessee Barker. The award is presented by the faculty to the student or students whose loyalty to the university, involvement in campus and community activities, and commitment to higher personal and moral standards, form a role model for others. This year, the Most Dedicated Student Award recipient is Seth Frazier.

Seth Frazier is graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geomatics with options in Geographic Information Systems and Surveying.

Academically, Seth has made the Oregon Tech Dean’s List and the President’s List multiple times. He is a member of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon student chapter and a member of the Geomatics club. He also served as the National Society of Professional Surveyors Competition team captain for Oregon Tech. He is taking the lead to prepare the research project for publication into the Surveying and Land Information Systems Journal.

Seth regularly demonstrates his commitment to Oregon Tech through his academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, and his enthusiasm for the university.

He has served as a senator on the Associated Students of OIT student government organization, worked as part of “The O Team” to help with new student orientation affectionately known as “Hootie’s Halloo.” He has volunteered for numerous events and served as Volunteer Campus Activities Event manager. He is particularly known for his skills with sound equipment, often volunteering his skills for campus events.

Seth won the Eagle Scout Award and is a very active volunteer and leader in Boy Scouts of America. He is also an active member in the Latter-day Saint Student Association and in his church.

Student Achievement Award

Student Achievement Award - Derek McIntyre

Derek McIntyre

The Student Achievement Award is presented by the faculty. It recognizes an outstanding work, which is judged to have made a significant contribution to the student’s area of academic interest. This year, the Student Achievement Award recipient is Derek McIntyre.

Derek McIntyre graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering Technology. His senior project involved creating a computer automated hydroponic growing system. The hydroponic system uses an ebb and flow style structure that integrates computer controlled water pumps, a medium for holding water, a device to hold the plants, a fan to control temperature, and a high-powered light. The software that Derek wrote turns the devices on and off based on user-defined schedules and rules. The user defines pump schedules, fan schedules, and light schedules with extra options based on the data read from the sensors. The software also logs temperature and humidity data related to the current growing cycle.

Since this project was different than a traditional business software application, Derek worked completely independently. Any issues and technical hurdles were resolved without help from fellow students or the Software Engineering faculty.

“Derek’s outstanding performance extends well beyond his senior project. Derek is the kind of individual who requires only limited guidance. He displays a willingness to work hard, has an enthusiastic approach to problem solving...displays conscientiousness, and a high level of professionalism,” commented Professor Calvin Caldwell.

Hiram M. Hunt Award

Hiram M. Hunt Award - Jacob Wampler

Jacob Wampler

The Hiram M. Hunt Award is eponymously named for a former Oregon Tech faculty member and presented to a student or group who, in the opinion of the faculty, has completed a project that is judged to have made a significant contribution to their field. This year’s recipient is Jacob Wampler.

Jacob Wampler graduates with a Bachelor’s of Science in Operations Management. Jacob’s diligence in his studies has earned him a spot on the Oregon Tech President’s List for each term since his freshman year of college.

Jacob was the first candidate to successfully complete the requirements for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, an industry-recognized certification in business and operational problem-solving and project management.

His senior project and certification project was with Columbia Forest Products in Klamath Falls. Jacob successfully applied what he had learned from his courses to reduce shipping load time by 25 percent achieving a $35,000 hard dollar savings in labor for Columbia. Through his analysis, he also figured out how to increase their shipping capacity by 20 percent, representing a capability to take on an additional $130,000 of business.

Jacob’s project success, academic performance, and his personal and professional demeanor have produced multiple job offers, including one from Columbia Forest Products.

Jacob is a non-traditional student. He lives in Keno with his wife and four young children.

Outstanding Student Veteran Award

Outstanding Student Veteran

Casey Coulson

The Outstanding Student Veteran Award was established in 2010 by the Student Awards Commission to recognize a student veteran who has been involved on campus or in the local community, and has helped make a positive difference for students who are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Oregon Tech student to receive the award is Casey Coulson.

Casey Coulson served in the United States Navy for five years as part of the Forward Deployed Naval Forces 7th Fleet in Japan. The fleet is trained for emergency response, such as deploying over 3,000 troops within 36 hours to respond to mudslide in the Philippines.

As a student, Casey has served as the Vice President of Phi Delta Theta, works as a Help Desk Technician, and is the Treasurer for Oregon Tech’s Veteran’s Association. He also served as secretary for the organization. He will graduate from Oregon Tech with a Bachelor’s of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering.


Oregon Tech Pride Award

Oregon Tech Pride Award

The Oregon Tech Pride Award, introduced in 2003, is bestowed upon the student or students whose academic excellence, scholarship, service, or other creative endeavors bring outstanding recognition and pride to Oregon Tech. The award is given upon the recommendation of the Student Awards Commission. This year’s recipient is Kayde Schaefer.

Graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a pre-medical emphasis, Kayde Schaefer is known by her instructors, coaches, and peers as a motivated individual, dedicated to her academic studies, athletic endeavors, and her professional goals.

Kayde was a member of the Oregon Tech softball team for four years, was the starting catcher for three of those years, and served as team captain for the last three years. She was the starting catcher on the 2011 NAIA National Championship team and hit the game-winning homerun in the semifinals to advance the team to the championship game.

Her softball coach, Greg Stewart, said of Kayde, “I am proud to have her in our program. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give is as a parent of three girls, I hope my daughters will someday display the determination and character that Kayde possesses.”

President’s Senior Cup

Thomas Wood & Chelsea Aquino 

The President’s Senior Cup is awarded to baccalaureate students – generally one from each college – who, in the opinion of the faculty, have achieved academic excellence and fostered increased respect and prestige for the university. This year’s recipients were selected from among 28 high-achieving students named Outstanding Scholars by academic department chairperson and program directors.

This year’s recipients are Thomas Wood from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Management; and Chelsea Aquino from the College of Health, Arts, and Sciences.

President’s Senior Cup

Thomas Wood graduates summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. Among his honors, Thomas made the Oregon Tech President’s List from Fall 2007 to Winter 2012 (at print date for this publication the Spring 2012 Term was not yet finished). He was awarded the Oregon Tech Engineering Honors Scholarship, the Oregon Tech Presidential Scholarship, and the Kuonen Scholarship from the Oregon Tech Foundation.

Thomas participated in the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter at Oregon Tech, the Oregon Tech Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Chapter, Oregon Tech Christian Fellowship, and was a member for the Oregon Tech men’s baseball team.

As a student at Oregon Tech, Thomas successfully completed two professional internships: one as a lab technician for LACO Associates and another as a construction inspector for the Federal Highways Administration.

Thomas has accepted a position with Black & Veatch, one of the largest, most respected, and influential civil engineering firms in the world. Black & Veatch’s Portland office is the largest power engineering firm in the Northwest.

President’s Senior Cup

Chelsea Aquino graduates summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Sciences with minors in Biology and Geographic Information Systems.

Chelsea completed both her sophomore and senior projects for the Environmental Sciences program with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Both projects examined the elemental composition of wetland vegetation species in three lake-fringe wetlands of Upper Klamath and Agency lakes.

She is the co-author of a manuscript to be published in the journal Wetlands based on the work of her senior project. Michael Hughes, Director of the Environmental Sciences Program, “Chelsea’s senior paper represents an excellent example of undergraduate research and contributed substantially to a manuscript by lead author Andrew Ray, a former Oregon Tech professor and current ecologist with the US Geological Survey.”

Chelsea worked for the Bureau of Land Management for the last two years. Her professionalism, the quality of her work, and her dependability have led to a Student Career Experience (SCEP) position at the BLM where she will continue working as a water quality specialist after graduation.

She has volunteered at the Mazama Softball camps, the Klamath Tribes Commodity Program, at the National Public Lands Day events, and helps coach her nephew’s little league baseball team. She was also instrumental in establishing the Oregon Tech women’s rugby team.

ETM College Student Speaker

Nicolas Odeh

ETM College Student Speaker

Nicholas Odeh graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management with options in Marketing and Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship and a minor in International Business from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Management. He earned his dual degree with a minor in four years while working at least 25 hours per week. Nicholas served on student government, Associated Students of OIT, including serving as the vice president of the organization his senior year. He also worked as the Social Media Coordinator in the Oregon Tech Career Services Office while a student.

Nicholas is known for his commitment to the campus and to the Klamath Falls community. He organized and implemented the first “Oregon Tech Blackout Hunger” event on campus, targeted at raising awareness for the need to support the Klamath and Lake Counties Food Bank.

A Klamath Union High School graduate, Nicholas has a long history of involvement in his community, including, volunteer work with the American Red Cross Blood Drives, SMART Reading program, the local food bank.


HAS College Student Speaker

Ka’iulani Evans-Bautista

HAS College Student Speaker

Ka’iulani Evans-Bautista graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology with a minor in Communication Studies from the College of Health, Arts, and Sciences. She is this year’s Outstanding Scholar in Applied Psychology. Her other academic honors include making the Oregon Tech President’s List and the Dean’s List multiple times.

Ka’iulani successfully completed her internship at Lakeview Neurorehabilitation working with brain injured patients during Winter Term 2012.

She is active on campus and in the community. A volunteer at Peterson Elementary in the kindergarten class and a Sunday school teacher at Klamath Christian Center, Ka’iulani enjoys working with children. She also also volunteered as an advocate against drinking and driving in the local schools.

On campus, Ka’iulani worked in the Marketplace and in the Women’s Resource Center as well as working as an assistant to the Oregon Tech volleyball coach. She is currently employed as a chiropractor’s assistant locally.

A native of Hawaii, she likes to share her culture with others and dance the hula.


HAS Student Speaker

Kayla Ohm

HAS Student Speaker

Kayla Ohm is a graduate of the Nuclear Medicine Technology program in the College of Health, Arts, and Sciences. She was very active in the Residence Life program at Oregon Tech, including serving as the Residence Hall Association President. During her tenure as president, she helped re-write the organization’s constitution, planned programs and community service events such as the annual Trick- or-Treat and the Easter Egg Scramble, and organized Hootie’s Hillish 5K Benefit Run. She also worked as an office assistant in the Housing and Residence Life Office on campus.

Kayla was elected as the Nuclear Medicine Club Treasurer and is a student member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine. She completed her internship in Nuclear Medicine at St. Patrick Hospital in Missoula, Montana.

A native Montanan, Kayla enjoys returning home to family and friends to ride horses and enjoy the great outdoors.

Outstanding Scholars Awards

Honoring those students appointed by their respective department chairpersons or program directors who, in the opinion of the faculty, have demonstrated academic excellence in their majors. These outstanding scholars in turn compromise a group of candidates for the President’s Senior Cup.

Dwight Holland, Applied Mathematics
Ka’iulani Evans-Bautista, Applied Psychology
Jesse Coleman, Biology
Jana Parker, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Angela Wakeman, Echocardiography
Chelsea Aquino, Environmental Sciences
Kayde Schaefer, Health Sciences
Scott Stewart, Nuclear Medicine
Christina English, Radiologic Science
Melody Hannah, Respiratory Care
Lorena Carter, Vascular Technology

Thomas Wood, Civil Engineering
David Stover II, Electrical Engineering
Eric Steele, Embedded Systems Engineering Technology
Seth Frazier, Geomatics
Statia Smith, Management
Nick Evans, Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Noah Magnuson, Mechanical Engineering
Clint Schleigh, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jacob Wampler, Operations Management
James Evans, Renewable Energy Engineering
Bradley Smith, Software Engineering Technology

Wilsonville Campus

Christopher Gorter, Clinical Laboratory Science
Steven Bellock, Electronics Engineering Technology
Samuel Fonteno, Information Technology
David McCalib, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jessica Kaplan, Renewable Energy Engineering
Jason Gaston, Software Engineering Technology

Recognition of our Student Award Nominees

Brittany Anderson
Cheyenne Borja
Thomas Brown
Kalyn English
Colleen Hunt
Cindy Keightley
Andrew Lucas
Jeffrey Morgan
Alicia Newby
Matthew Nicholson
Nicolas Odeh
Kayla Ruhl
Patsy Sandoval
Patty Smith
Brittany Winder