Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start?

We will start January 22, 2018 at 12AM. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jennifer Bavarskas either via email or phone 541-885-1806.

When does the challenge end?

We will finish the Healthy Active Oregon Tech Challenge on February 29th, as the clock strikes 12am. All final points are DUE by 3pm that day. Winners will be announced by Wednesday, March 5th with final prizes and t-shirts given on Wednesday March 2nd. This year's ending party and prize pick-up  we will be a Tie-Dye Party, in case you would like to change the color of your t-shirt. Exact location and time will be announce via email.

Who can join a team?

Any 4 people studying or working on campus. This includes faculty, staff and students.

How do we know what the weekly challenge is?

The weekly challenges are posted on this website.  Follow the links in the right-hand column.

What if I cannot medically do the challenge?

It will be revised for you. Please contact Jennifer Bavarskas ( (541-885—1806) for any changes. We are happy to modify any challenge to meet special dietary needs and physical disabilities.

Can I use Oregon Tech team practice for my exercise points?

Yes, this year you can if you are on the “A” team. Again, A-team members are student athletes or any professionally sponsored person.

Can I use my National Guard duty time as my exercise points?

No, in fact, any activity which you are paid for will not count towards Healthy Active Points.

If I shovel snow at work can I use that as my points?

Sorry, no. Again anything which you are paid for will not count towards Healthy Active points. However,if you’re not getting paid and you shovel snow elsewhere e.g. at home, that would count as moderate intensity points.

I wear a pedometer can I use that for exercise points?

You can if, they are earn in the manner which is provided in the points system i.e. moving consistently for a set period of time. Again though it is time spent on the activity, not how many points you gain on your pedometer.

I am diabetic and I cannot eat carbohydrates or any type of fruit, how can I earn my nutrition points?

For the nutrition challenge please substitute dark leafy greens (with their very very low glycemic index) for the carbohydrates and substitute vegetables for fruit.

How do I determine what type of team I am on?

It’s easy; follow the steps below.

Type “A”  This means that you have an athlete on your team. An athlete is defined as a person who plays for a team sport here at Oregon Tech or is/has ever been professionally sponsored by an athletic company. If your team has even one person who can be defined by the above statement, then your team is “Type A”.

Type “B” – Better defined as “Beyond Type A”. This means that you don’t have any Oregon Tech team members or professionally sponsored members in your group.