Student Clubs

Campus Clubs

Each year more and more campus clubs are formed by Oregon Tech students. There are many student clubs to choose from. Campus clubs operate on a voluntary basis and are a great way to meet people, develop a skill, improve your resume, and so much more!

If you need to update club information, please email the Campus Clubs Officer.

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  • Martial Arts Club

    The Oregon Tech Martial Arts Club believes that all students should be offered the chance to learn how to defend themselves, for both life and competition as each person chooses. Through martial arts, we believe that each person will learn more about themselves and their physical abilities as well as gain more respect for other people.

    • Meeting Times: Mirror Room, Friday 5:00pm
    • President: Benjamin Cornwell
    • Advisor: Christy VanRooyan, 541.885.0959
  • Oregon Tech Bee Keeping Club

    To educate members and the public on methods of bee keeping, and methods of promoting pollinator populations.

    • Meeting Times:
    • President: Ian Riley
    • Advisor: Terri Torres, 541.885.1468
  • Oregon Tech Gaming Society

    Our purpose is to create an environment for students to play video games and interact with fellow students with similar hobbies. We also strive to create a competitive environment for Oregon Tech's eSports teams.

    • Meeting Times: (lobby voice channel), Monday 7:00pm
    • President: Emmett Hale
    • Advisor: Corey Murphy
  • Oregon Tech Soccer Club

    The purpose of this club is to provide a flexible, fun alternative for students on the Oregon Tech campus as well as individuals in the community to interact and increase physical activity through practices, leagues, learning about the sport.

    • Meeting Times: Soccer/Track Field, Sunday 12:00pm
    • President: Elizabet Ferrer
    • Advisor: Trevor Petersen, 541.885.0849
  • Ping Pong Club

    Play Ping Pong in a competitive, social, and fun environment. To form close bonds between members and stronger players out of these members. 

    • Meeting Times: CU, Friday/Weekends 4:00pm
    • President: Seth E Worthylake
    • Advisor: Jim Fischer, 541.885.1477
  • Tennis Club

    Our purpose is to bring together tennis players of all skill levels in a competitive, fun, and social game of organized tennis.

    • Meeting Times: Henley High School, TBD
    • President: Samantha Bixler
    • Advisor: Kamal Gandhi, 541.885.1315
  • Trading Card Game (TCG) Club

    The purpose of this organization is to promote the play of various trading card games to the students at OIT, support student play in tournaments, introduce new players to the game, provide a supportive environment for student players of all skill levels and backgrounds.

    • Meeting Times: Sunset, Friday 6:00pm
    • President: Quentin Vargas
    • Advisor: Franny Howes, 541.885.0339

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