Student Clubs

Campus Clubs

Each year more and more campus clubs are formed by Oregon Tech students. There are many student clubs to choose from. Campus clubs operate on a voluntary basis and are a great way to meet people, develop a skill, improve your resume, and so much more!

Don’t see a campus club that fits your personality? It’s easy to start a new club on campus! Click here to find out how.

  • Blue Zones Club

    The purpose of the club is to embody the Power 9 Principles which are established in the Blue Zones Project. These are Downshift, 80% Rule, Plant Slant, Coffee at 5, Move Naturally, Right Tribe, Family First, Belong, and Purpose. This club is about making the healthier choice, the easier choice. Another facet is the community involvement with the Blue Zones Club in cooperation with the program in the downtown area as well as side projects. 

    • Meeting Times: Upper CU, Thursday 6:00pm
    • President: Nicole Carter
    • Advisor: Christy VanRooyen, 541.885.0959
  • Computer Literacy Project

    1. The purpose of this organization is to assist OIT's Project Lead the Way (PLTW) affiliate program and offer support in implementing the PLTW program.

    2. Create learning opportunities for local Schools in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with a focus on Computer Technologies.


    • Meeting Times: Purvine/CU, one Saturday a month
    • President: Michael Roberts
    • Advisor: Nyesia Driver, 541.851.5176
  • Drama Club

    To bring arts to the Klamath basin, specifically Oregon Tech.

    • Meeting Times: Mt. McLoughlin, 1st and 3rd Friday every month
    • President: Jesse Sundet
    • Advisor: Lindsey Davis, 541.851.5267
  • Oregon Tech Social Dancing Club

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a place for students to learn and dance a variety of different dance styles in a fun and social setting. 

    • Meeting Times: Mirror Room, Tuesday 7:30pm
    • President: Kai Hattan
    • Advisor: Terri Torres, 541-885-1468
  • Performing Musicians Club

    To play music at school events and in the community.

    • Meeting Times: CU Auditorium, Monday and Wednesday 6:00pm
    • President: Zachary Gouverneur
    • Advisor: Mason Marker, 541-885-1523
  • Saudi Club

    The purpose of the Saudi Club is to serve as a link that connects all Saudi students and help introduce the true Saudi culture to other OIT students! 

    • Meeting Times: Mt Thielson, Friday 2:00pm
    • President: Zainab Almualim
    • Advisor: Eklas Hossain, 541.885.1516
  • Students in Communications

    The purpose of the Oregon Tech Students in Communications (SIC) Club is to represent the students majoring in Communication Studies at Oregon Tech, support them while they pursue their degree, and assist them in fulfilling their needs as a Communication major. SIC is an affiliate of the Student Clubs of the National Communication Association.

    • Meeting Times: SE128, Monday 3:00pm
    • President: Brody Hadley
    • Advisor: Dan Peterson, 541.885.1531
  • Trading Card Game Club

    The purpose of this organization is to promote the play of various trading card games to the students at OIT, support student play in tournaments, introduce new players to the game, provide a supportive environment for student players of all skill levels and backgrounds.

    • Meeting Times: Sunset, Friday 5:00pm
    • President: Quentin Vargas
    • Advisor: Franny Howes, 541.885.0339

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