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International Club

Welcome to Oregon Tech's International Club! Anyone is welcome to join. We are dedicated to bringing people of different cultures and backgrounds together through fun, diverse events. Our main program is in the spring which is our International Banquet.

General Meeting Information

Meetings are held every Thursday at 6:30 PM in the Diversity Center Student Lounge. This is located in the College Union (2nd floor in the Program Suites area).


Halloween Party - The Club hosts an event for its members, usually the weekend before Halloween, where members get to get together, watch a movie while having dinner, carve pumpkins, and go to the hunted house together.

Christmas Party - Even though it is not Christmas yet, the club members celebrate Christmas together towards the end of fall term, as most of them go back to their homes in the Christmas break. Members have dinner together and then participate in Secret Santa.

Lava Beds trip - Each winter term, the club members go in a trip to a different place. In 2014, we went to Crater Lake, and this year, 2015, we went to Lava Beds.

International Dinner - The biggest event the club plans, and it is usually held in either the second or third weekend of spring term. club members cook food from all around the world and perform entertainment shows as well! The tickets' sale starts at the end of winter term.

End of the year trip - Toward the end of the school year, the members go in a trip somewhere fun! In 2014, the trip was to Portland, where we stayed there for two days, and got to visit fun places like: OMSI, glow in the dark golf, and Karaoke! In 2015, we went on a camping trip to Lake of the Woods! 

Contact Us:

International Club


Mohamed AlSurair, International Club President

For more information, please email the club or find us on Facebook.

Upcoming events:

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