Friggin' Lazer Tag

Interested in Laser Tag?

Saturday February 25th from 1-7 PM

The Student Veterans Program (SVP) has invited Crossfire Laser-tag to make the 3rd annual “Friggen Laser-tag” event a big success!


Crossfire laser tag uses top of the line gear, a great sound system, and a mobile arena that is top notch. Every couple games our referee will add a new toy, such as a sniper blaster, medic box, and photon grenade. This adds more strategy and excitement as the games go on.

Come enjoy the hard knocks style of laser tag FREE for all Oregon Tech students!

Don't Miss Out!

The game play will be a tournament style format with one team being crowned as the 2017 Friggen Laser tag champions.

We welcome all students to register as teams of 4-6 players, but don’t worry if you don’t have a team. Sign up below and you will be placed on a team at the event. Anyone who is interested in getting in on the action will have the opportunity to dip, duck, dive, and dodge some friggen lasers!

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