SVP Officers

SVP Officer Team



Amber Duguay

Amber Duguay (30) was born in San Pedro, California. She joined the Army as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist when she turned 18. Shortly after boot camp, Amber was sent to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina & Rita search and recovery of the deceased. She also performed funerals with her fellow soldiers for the fallen.

Amber is a full-time wife, mother, and student. She is also the director of the SVP, after working as an event coordinator and lounge manager since 2014. She is currently in her senior year as a student in the Biology-Health Science major at Oregon Tech. She plans to apply to Loma Linda to become a Pathologist Assistant.


Vice Director

Haleigh Aubut

Haleigh Aubut (21) was born in Phoenix, Arizona but soon moved with her family to Klamath Falls, Oregon. She joined the Air National Guard as a Weapons Technician at the age of 17. Due to being stationed at her home base of Kingsley Field, Haleigh has been able to pursue her college degree as a full time student, while still maintaining drill status on base.

She is currently a junior in the Applied Psychology program at Oregon Tech and plans to attend the University of Oregon to pursue a master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience.





Advertising Coordinator


Event Coordinator


Media Coordinators

Eric Burington