Mt. Shasta

There is NO program fee or need to sign up to be a part of the OP. All you need to do is sign up and pay for the trip you are interested in. Sign ups are always in the Cashier's Office in Snell Hall. Here you will pay and sign up for the trip, then bring your receipt to the Outdoor Program in the College Union.

OP must have your proof of payment for each trip

If proof of payment is not received you will not be able to attend the trip. If you see a trip advertised that you're interested in, please contact us to find out more information.

Novices are encouraged to participate!

The Outdoor Program offers extreme sports for the experienced and also trips that require no experience at all. We can't guarantee that you'll become an expert, but we'll do our best to show you the basics as well as a fun time.

If you're looking for some adventure or just an excuse to crawl out from under the books, come by the OP office and see what we have to offer. The OP office is located upstairs in the College Union building behind Subway.

Oregon Tech Outdoor Program

 2nd Floor, College Union

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