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Find Companies in Your Field

Organizations of all kinds want to hire students and alumni who have done their research and understand how they might be a good fit with the company. Take the research skills you’ve developed in school and apply them to your job search. Your detective work will pay off!

Identify potential industries

Before you find companies you may want to think about what industries are appealing. Some occupations have fairly specific industries. For example, the medical imaging occupation is done in the health care industry but there is a difference between a hospital environment and a clinic environment. Some occupations can be done across a wide variety of industries. One can work in operations in a wide variety of businesses, in even in some non-profits, government and educational settings. Thinking about what type of industry might be appealing will help you be focused.

Identify potential organizations of interest

Everyone knows Nike and Intel, but there are tens of thousands of other organizations out there, and many places to find them:

  • Use the LinkedIn Find Alumni tool to discover companies where alumni work.
  • Use LinkedIn to search for a company, then scroll down to check out the People also searched for section to discover related companies.
  • Interested in the Silicon Forest? Check the Wikipedia entry for a list of companies.
  • Industry organizations are a great place to locate companies, and they often have conferences with discounted and FREE (if you volunteer) admission. Check out this list.
  • Use job search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired to see who hires in your industry (you don’t need to limit the geography if you are just researching companies).
  • What are the top firms in your target industry? Use business journal lists from publications such as the Portland Business Journal and Oregon Business to find the top companies in your target industry in a certain geography.
  • Glassdoor has a lot of information about companies (but like other ratings sites, be sure to evaluate the ratings in context).
  • Review the list of Oregon companies by major below. For companies in other states click on the Buzzfile link and change the filters.