Federal Job Search

Finding a job with the U.S. Government...it takes commitment

It can be a long ordeal, but the Feds and others have pulled some information together to try to help. 

A good first step is to go to USAJobs, and explore. There is a lot of information available, including a Resume Builder. Pay close attention to eligibility, as some jobs are only open to Veterans or other special populations.

Also go to GoGovernment.org, which has additional helpful information. 

The Office of Personnel Management also offers a lot of information on a helpful site called HR University to help in your application. 
  1. Federal Occupations Toolkit – This tool helps the user see all of the various types of jobs in the Federal Government, defines each one of them, and provides a quick search on USAJOBS to see what it currently available.
  2. Interns and Recent Graduates – This page gives the user information about the Pathways Programs, for students and recent graduates, and attempts to answer questions concerning the eligibility, program administration, training and development, program completion and additional resources. 
  3. Applicant Tools and Resources – This section offers short informational videos to answer questions we routinely receive concerning the Federal hiring process, and additional documents to assist the job seeker when applying for a Federal job.