Advanced Pay

Advance Pay may be paid if:

  • The student requests advance pay, and
  • There's more than 30 days between terms and break pay won't be paid, and
  • The student is enrolled at least half-time, and
  • VA receives the advance payment request at least 30 days but not more than 120 days before the enrollment period.

If a student wants advance pay, the student needs to complete section 16 on form 22-1999 or a form created by the VA Rep.

Advance pay requests should be submitted 30 to 120 days before the begin date. The check will be sent to the school, payable to the student. A separate,Certification of Delivery (VA Form 22-1999V) will be sent to the school. Schools must handle advance paychecks securely and give the advance paycheck to the student when he or she registers (or not more than 30 days before the beginning of school if registration is earlier). When the check is given to the student, immediately complete and return the Certification of Delivery.

An advance will pay the first and second month. The first month may be a partial month, with payment prorated for the number of days attended that month. Advance pay for a student certified 9/27/04 through 6/11/05 would pay 9/27/04 through 10/31/04. Since VA normally pays after a month is completed, the student wouldn't receive another check until December when payment for November is made.

When an advance paycheck is issued, the next check won't issue unless the Certification of Delivery (or the Chapter 1606 generated letter with the same information) mailed to the school is received and processed by VA.