Break Pay

Break (Interval) pay between semesters, quarters, and terms is paid according to the rules outlined below. Breaks are paid at the rate paid on the ending date of the term preceding the break. VA pays breaks automatically unless one of the following restrictions precludes payment for the break.

Restrictions on Break Pay

  • The break is more than 8 weeks.
  • The term before or after the break is shorter than the break.
  • The student withdrew from all courses during the preceding semester, quarter, or term.
  • The students entitlement will exhaust and not paying the break is to the students advantage.
  • The student requests no pay for a break before payment for the break is authorized.
  • The student is on active duty.

Keeping these restrictions in mind, the following table summarizes break pay for students who continue at the same school and for students who transfer from one school to another:

Same School - Break more than 8 weeks (56 days), VA doesn't pay

If the break doesn't exceed 8 weeks and the terms before and after the break are not shorter than the break, VA WILL pay, unless summer term rule applies

Change School - Change of program DOES NOT pay

Same program: break more than 30 days, DOES NOT pay

Break 30 days or less: PAY