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Change of Address and Direct Deposit

Change of Address

Students must keep their address current. The fastest way to change an address or change a direct deposit is to call VA (888-442-4551). The automated functions of the phone server do not include changing address or starting Direct Deposit. Students can bypass the phone server and connect to Muskogee by hitting 1 and then 0 when the recording starts.

Direct Deposit

If a student calls to start (chapters 30 and 1606 only) or change a direct deposit, the student should have their account information handy. The following information is needed to set up direct deposit and can be found on checks and bank statements:

Account number 9 digit bank routing number Type of account (checking or savings)

If a student has direct deposit, the student still needs to keep his or her address current because the verification of enrollment form is mailed to the students address.