FAQs for Oregon Tech Students

Updated on January 20, 2021

The University will begin spring term classes on Monday, March 29, 2021 for all campuses.

Spring term 2021 will proceed in the same format for each campus as fall 2020 and winter 2021, but please understand, our plans for spring term remain subject to change, as the circumstances may require. Please also note that there will NOT be a two-week remote instruction as we did this winter term.

Spring break is March 20 – 28, 2021- please keep in mind that COVID-19 will still be prevalent (even with the availability of the vaccine) and consider staying local and not travel to other states or abroad.


Portland-Metro: Lectures will be taught through remote (primarily synchronous) delivery and labs will be offered in-person.

Klamath Falls: 100 and 200 level lectures and all labs will be offered in-person with few exceptions, while 300 and 400 level lectures will be remote (primarily synchronous). All upper-division courses taught in-person will also be recorded for remote delivery.

Chemeketa: Chemeketa site facilities will be accessible as determined by the administration of Chemeketa Community College. As it stands currently, lecture classes will be taught through remote delivery. Lab courses are planned to be in-person, conditions and the community college administration permitting.

Seattle: The Seattle campus is currently conducting a mixed-model mostly remote/hybrid with very few classes in-person for lab purposes only, and will continue this model unless there is different guidance from the state of Washington.

Yes. As awkward as it may be around friends and colleagues, the social (physical) distancing is a critical component to minimizing the likelihood of someone acquiring COVID-19. If someone gets too close to you, it’s okay to remind them (some people are giving friendly reminders, like: “you’re in my bubble”). Remember that many people who acquire COVID-19 are symptom free for all or part of the time. In other words, you cannot tell by just looking at someone whether they may be carrying the virus. Play it safe, respect other’s space and mind your own.

Remember that viruses don’t discriminate based on nationality or race. Unfortunately, there have been reported incidents of anti-Asian discrimination over COVID-19 fears in Portland and the Pacific NW generally. Concerns about such sentiments need to be taken seriously. Racism, nationality bias, and xenophobia have no place at Oregon Tech. If you feel you have been targeted or witness an incident involving one or more Oregon Tech community members, please contact Maureen De Armond (e: maureen.dearmond@oit.edu; p: 541.885.1108), who serves as Oregon Tech’s Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Title IX Coordination, and Affirmative Action.

Many people who have caught COVID-19 only have mild symptoms (including congestion or a headache that lingers). So, if you develop symptoms that are not typical for you, contact the Oregon Tech Integrated Health Center at 541-885-1800 and they will direct you to the right resources and/or medical site.

If you feel very ill or have trouble breathing seek urgent medical care immediately by calling 911, or going to your local emergency room or urgent care facility.

As soon you can, regardless of what site you are affiliated with, please contact the Klamath Falls Integrated Student Health Center at 541-885-1800. The university will take the necessary steps to alert/safeguard campus or site authorities; and will contact local public health entities as appropriate.

Every situation will be evaluated based on the circumstances, and there may be a temporary closure of specific rooms, building areas, or larger sections of campus for thorough cleaning and evaluation. Oregon Tech will inform the campus in a timely manner if there is a closure.

Remember that just because someone has a fever or cough does not mean that they have COVID-19. Encourage them to call the Student Health Center or their health provider to determine whether they need to receive medical care. Try to be especially diligent to physically distance from anyone who appears to be ill, staying at least 6 feet away if possible.

Oregon Tech will send out a weekly email with positive case updates, which includes campus locations. Although unlikely, if there is a campus closure in Klamath Falls or at the Portland-Metro campus in Wilsonville, Oregon Tech will use its alert system to notify students and the campus community by text, email and phone (go to Campus Alerts sign up to make sure all of your contact information is in the system).

In the event that a student is significantly impacted by COVID (whether due to contracting the illness itself or missing class due to mandatory isolation), there are several options to remain in good academic standing. First, the student can contact their faculty to discuss the possibility of an Incomplete (if they were passing the course at the time of interruption). Another option would be applying for a Medical Withdrawal through the Dean of Student’s Office, which does require medical documentation to support the request. Finally, students would be encouraged to discuss their situation with their academic advisor, the Dean of Students (Dr. Erin Foley) or the Provost (Dr. Joanna Mott) to discuss options.

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19 among the campus community, the local public health department in your area will conduct a thorough investigation to determine who may have come in contact with the infected individual in order to notify all potentially exposed persons as soon as possible. On the Klamath Falls campus, this “contact tracing” is being facilitated by the Integrated Student Health Center. If you are aware that you had an exposure to someone who is COVID-positive, please notify ISHC at 541-885-1800.

Students externships and co-ops will continue, and guidance will be updated on a periodic basis by the department, and the extern partner in consultation with the Office of the Provost. Provost Mott and the academic preparedness team will be communicating with program directors and the university regarding information about the impact of COVID-19, if any, on students’ placements. In terms of students protecting themselves, all healthcare settings have developed procedures for keeping their personnel safe, which they will share with students on site. Primarily, this involves wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriately, but each site will have instructions for students to keep you safe.

The department of Housing and Residence Life and the Integrated Student Health Center (ISHC) work closely together to support students who live on-campus in relation to COVID-19. Residential students should contact ISHC at 541-885-1800 if they have had a potential exposure, develop symptoms, or are diagnosed with COVID-19 themselves. ISHC will work with the student regarding their specific circumstances, and will notify Housing and Residence Life that the student needs to move into a designated isolation space on campus (there are several rooms that have been reserved for this purpose). Housing and Residence Life will help the student move into the isolation space and establish a meal delivery schedule as well as addressing other personal needs (including planning for laundry and so on). ISHC medical staff will periodically check in with residential students who are in isolation regarding their physical health, and the ISHC Director will follow up with them toward the end of their isolation period to ensure that they meet criteria to move back into their regular room. ISHC staff will also work with roommates to determine their risk of exposure and potential need to isolate as well.

Klamath Falls students who are interested in getting tested for COVID-19 should call the Integrated Student Health Center at 541-885-1800. The ISHC staff will work with you to determine whether testing is warranted and discuss details. In Klamath Falls, Oregon Tech has been partnering with Sky Lakes Medical Center to offer testing on-campus as well as at the nearby drive through site. Days and times will vary term to term, so contact ISHC at 541-885-1800 for details. Test results are sent directly to ISHC, which contacts each student to notify them (either way, positive or negative).

Students at other campuses in Oregon can locate their nearest COVID-19 testing site by going to the following website: https://govstatus.egov.com/or-oha-covid-19-testing

Oregon Tech has developed protocols with several layers designed to protect students as much as possible in the academic spaces. Within the classrooms, physical distancing is required, and is facilitated by clearly marking 6-feet separation between tables/chairs. Face coverings are required (per Governor’s Order). Classrooms are cleaned at the close of each class period. Students and employees are meant to conduct daily health screenings to monitor themselves for symptoms. For more details, visit the Oregon Tech Re-Opening Plan. But, the most crucial component to all of the planning is that each campus community member (students, faculty, and staff) take the precautions seriously and do their part to Stop the Spread!

Reliable resources for more information include: