Oregon Tech Merit Scholarship

The scholarship will provide a merit based scholarship program targeted at attracting the best and brightest students. By attracting top-rated, academically talented high school students to Oregon Tech, we will continue to build a robust pipeline of students from high school to the university.

Society of Scholars

This multi-year award recognizes and develops a society of talented, high-achieving faculty. This team will be focused on elevating student outcomes in key areas, such as improving retention in key foundational courses in technical disciplines.

Staff Innovation Award

Commitment to innovation and improvement must be embedded into a culture at all levels, and we recognize impactful ideas come from everyone. Staff are often the first to identify challenges, inefficiencies, and solutions which warrant implementation. As part of the award, recipients may be invited to work across areas of service at Oregon Tech to create programs in support of student success.



97% Funded
$3,875,000 Raised