Fiscal Literacy Program

Oregon Tech is committed to preparing students for not only a successful career, but a successful life. This new program, An Owl’s Worth, which began in 2017, strives to provide students with a solid foundation of skills designed to help them navigate their educational experience with less debt, while building a solid financial future.

Student & Faculty Innovation Fund

Designed to inspire innovative thinking that can deliver impactful outcomes, this fund provides immediate, flexible resources for investment as exciting opportunities arise. Focus will be in several key areas:

  • Oregon Tech Reputation
  • Big Ideas
  • Network Building
  • Applied Undergraduate & Graduate Research

Rural Communities Development Fund

Created to implement and expand ideas, programs, and partnerships which equip students to address the unique needs faced by rural communities. This fund provides immediate, flexible resources for investment with a focus on several key areas:

  • Development of Rural Entrepreneurs
  • Strong Partnerships
  • Building Campus & Community


97% Funded
$3,875,000 Raised