Oregon Tech is committed to preparing students for not only a successful career, but a successful life. The program strives to provide students with a solid foundation of skills designed to help them navigate their educational experience with less debt, while building a solid financial future. Through collaborative partnerships with students, faculty, staff, alumni and professionals from the community, students develop a personal toolkit which will benefit them long after graduation. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to build relationships with experts from a variety of areas which provides a solid foundation for their future professional network.

Faculty and students came together to create this pilot program last year on the Klamath Falls campus, thanks to a generous investment from an anonymous donor. This program provides an opportunity for students to develop skills around fiscal management, including budgeting, understanding loans, taxes, investing and long-term planning. Investments will be made into expanding current opportunities to more students and creating additional opportunities which develop skills in business basics like understanding a balance sheet, business planning, leadership, speaking, and others. Together, we can build upon the success of this program and continue to make our graduates more distinctive to employers.

Participating in An Owl's Worth - Fiscal Literacy Program

  • Students develop their own sense of what money, monetary value, and wealth mean to them;
  • Students develop skills in rationalizing their financial decision making process, with an underlying understanding of their cognitive and social biases related to money management;
  • Students develop skills in investing for long-term and short-term financial objects, while learning to balance risk and returns;
  • Students develop skills for practicing entrepreneurship as it relates to their own personal financial decisions;
  • Students develop skills in valuations and risk assessments, and how to protect wealth.


97% Funded
$3,875,000 Raised