Don Lee
Associate Professor
Manufacturing & Mechanical Eng Tech
  • Ph.D. in EE, Robotics & Intelligent Program, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA
  • Ph.D. Coursework in Robotics in the school of Robotics, KwangWoon University, Seoul, S. Korea
  • M.S. in Robotics (formerly, Control & Instrumentation Eng; ME+EE), KwangWoon University, Seoul, S. Korea
  • B.S. in ECE Engineering, KwangWoon University, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Dongbin (Don) Lee serves as the director of the robotics lab, graduate program director, NASA OSGC affiliate professor, OMIC affiliate professor, and as the advisor of AUVSIR, Robotics club/OTUS robotics competition teams. Dr. Lee was a research associate at Villanova University until 2012 after earning a Ph.D. at Clemson Univ. (2009) in robotics and intelligent systems program. His focus was on controls, nonlinear controls with application to UAS (drones), industrial robotics, mechatronics and haptics/biomedical with a background in control systems, AI/ML/CI in S. Korea. Don worked in industry as a robotics and control engineer at Research Technology Center and TQC dept at SsangYong, Microface, etc., about ten years before coming to the USA. He has served on editorial boards in Frontiers Journals (robotics & AI, mechatronics), MIDP, IJARS, and is editing a book regarding GN&C. Voluntary services include serving as an officer in Keystone AUVSI Chapter. His academic services include the chair of adaptive, robust, linear/nonlinear sections of peer-reviewed proceedings; CDSR (2017), ACC (2011), and DSCCs (2011/2010).

At Oregon Tech, Don’s primary responsibility is to teach students to support MMET programs with courses. He occasionally teaches electrically-based courses (e.g., engineering programming, fundamentals of electric circuits, electrical power systems, industrial controls). Additionally, Don has been in charge of the Robotics and Automation Lab since 2013 to provide student-centered research and learning space. The lab has a variety of manufacturing industrial robots (FANUC, KUKA, Mitsubishi), as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), robotic submarines, ROVs, uncrewed boats, mobile manipulator, ground robots w/LEGO robots, running MATLAB/Simulink, Arduino-based line tracking, and other engineering tools and overhauling robotic systems (Pneumatic Robotic Arm, 3D UAV Motion Testbed, Automation Devices).

Dr. Lee guides & mentors senior capstone projects as a faculty member, advises students’ creative projects for robot competitions (RoboSub, MATE, VEX, FTC, or FRC), Catalyze and InventOR competitions. He organizes student projects, events, festivals for student project demonstrations (Engineering Week, Symposium), serves student clubs as the adviser, and puts extra time in summer to mentor student projects such as Robotics competition while renovating lab facilities. Dr. Lee’s university-wide services include GEAC, GE Teamwork committee, Facilities building committee, Innovation & Entrepreneurship committee, Drone advisory group, IAB, and Open Houses for prospective students.

Courses Taught at Oregon Tech
Undergraduate (100-400 level):
  • Automation and Robotics
  • (Industrial) Robotics
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Mobile Robotics II
  • Control Systems
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Engineering Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
  • Senior Capstone Projects
  • Industrial Controls
  • PLC (programmable logic controller) for Automated Processing Systems
  • Electrical Power Systems and Energy
  • Fundamentals of Electric Circuits
  • Engineering Programming
  • Microcontroller (Arduino)-/Raspberry-based introductory robotics on request
  • Image and vision processing technology with Deep Learning/OpenCV for Sr./Jr projects and club members on request.
  • Machine Learning with statistical methods on the courses above or seminar on request.
Graduate MS (500/600 level):
  • Robotics
  • Robotic System and Controller
  • Advanced Industrial Controls
Publications (since 2010)
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