Karen Kunz
Information Systems Librarian
Klamath Falls
LRC 210A
Library Leadership
  • Master of Science Library Science, Emporia State University, KS, USA 1996
  • Bachelor of Science Biochemistry/Biophysics, Oregon Institute of Technology, OR, USA 1978
I am a native of Klamath Falls and have lived here most of my life. I started working in libraries while at Oregon State University and continued at the Klamath County Library. I started at the Oregon Tech main library in 2001. I took biochemistry and bio-physic classes in college where I really enjoyed microbiology and bio-chemisty and found that anything beyond Newtonian physics was difficult for me. I've dabbled in woodworking, Ham radios, and computers so have some basic knowledge of circuits, carpentry, and computer troubleshooting. Currently I am the liaison to the Civil Engineering, Geomatics, Computer Systems Technology, and Applied Mathematics departments