Lori Garrard
Executive Assistant

How long I have been working here and what path brought me to Oregon Tech

I had the pleasure of joining Oregon Tech in June of 2018. I have worked in local government for the past 20 years and wanted to pursue an opportunity where I can be part of a team that is focused on promoting and building one of the largest assets in our community, Oregon Tech. I have desired to work in higher education for many years and was excited when there was an opening where I feel I can utilize my skills.

What I am most passionate about professionally

I love helping people. I want everyone who comes through our doors to go away with a positive feeling towards University Development and the University as a whole.

Why I enjoy working in Development & Alumni Relations

Being a part of a team, especially one as dedicated and professional as this one, makes me excited.

Favorite Quote

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt