Robert Melendy
Associate Professor
Electrical Eng & Renewable Energy
PM 413

B.S. 1992, M.S. 1994, (Mechanical Engineering) Oregon State University; M.S. 1998, (Electrical Engineering) Oregon State University; Ph.D. 2008, (Applied Mathematics) Oregon State University. At OIT since 2017.

Current research interests of Dr. Melendy include identifying the adaptive and nonlinear control mechanisms by which bioelectric impulses propagate along the axonal path of a neuron. The application of analysis and hypergeometric functions to the postulation of control laws, and the treatment of problems concerning cell membrane permeability and ion exchange-induced bioimpedance.

Recent technical publications include: “Evidence for quantized magnetic flux in an axon,” The Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (Volume 10: Issue 1, 2019). “A single differential equation description of membrane properties underlying the action potential and the axon electric field,” The Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance (Volume 9: Issue 1, 2018). “A subsequent closed-form description of propagated signaling phenomena in the membrane of an axon,” AIP Advances (Volume 6: Issue 5, 2016). “Resolving the biophysics of axon transmembrane polarization in a single closed-form description,” Journal of Applied Physics (Volume 118, Issue 24).