Procurement Cards

Card Program

Oregon Tech uses three (3) types of Visa bank cards for conducting business transactions:
  1. Procurement Cards (P-Cards): University procurement cards assigned to departments for payment of routine office material and service purchases. These cards can be used to reserve lodging prior to a trip, but cannot be used for gas, meals, etc. while traveling. Access to P-Card Agreement, Policy, and Procurement Card Policy Knowledge Test through MyOIT. Go to the Faculty/Staff tab and scroll down to "Procurement Cards" section.
  2. Student Group / Team Travel Cards: University cards available to departments who are responsible for student group or team travel on a recurring basis.These may be used by the group for meals, gas, etc.  
  3. Travel (Corporate) Cards: Personal cards dedicated to employee travel. Cardholder is financially responsible for all expenses charged to this card. OIT assumes no liability for this card, but will be notified of delinquencies and take necessary disciplinary action per the Application Agreement if the balance is not paid in timely manner.  

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