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Travel and Reimbursements

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It is Oregon Tech policy to reimburse employees for expenses incurred while traveling on official Oregon Tech business. Such reimbursement is subject to all applicable statutes, regulations, bargaining agreements, contracts, policies, procedures, and budget availability.

Oregon Tech business travel requires considerable planning to ensure the best experience during the trip and after when reconciling expenses. Be sure to check with your department to determine the requirements necessary to initiate your travel arrangements (e.g. specific approval requirements, procurement options, etc.).

Please review the Travel Policy and any needed forms located on this page.

Receipts & Reimbursements


While traveling, receipts must be retained for submittal with the Reimbursement Request. Receipts should be for the actual expense incurred and should clearly indicate that the receipt is from a commercial establishment, what was paid for including the name of the traveler if it is for lodging or air/train travel, how it was paid (if paid by a credit card then include the last four of the card number and if paid by check include the check #), and the date the expense was incurred. Types of receipts that should be retained are:

  • Motel/Hotel
  • Parking
  • Taxi / Shuttle Service (if over $25)
  • Baggage fees
  • Fuel (if traveling with a rental vehicle)
  • Registration fees (we prefer to pay registration fees as vendor direct or with a procurement card)
  • Airfare
  • Any other miscellaneous expense that will be reimbursed

Per Diems are paid to reimburse for meals and other incidental travel expenses. Per Diem rates vary depending on the travel destination (receipts for meals are not required as they are paid as a set Per Diem rate). All tips are expected to be paid from the Per Diem (not reimbursable separately).

Travel Reimbursement

Upon completion of travel, a Travel / Personal Reimbursement Request Form is filled out. This form can be found in this section below. Original receipts should be attached to the request for every expense for which reimbursement is requested (other than Meals & Incidentals Per Diems) (quotes, reservation confirmation or receipts showing only totals are not acceptable in place of a receipt). The submitted documentation should show the expense was actually incurred by and for the traveler, was paid by the traveler and was incurred on the dates traveled. The maximum amount reimbursed without a receipt but which is deemed reasonable by all approving parties including the Director of the BAO is $25.00. Because it is easy to forget or misplace information and receipts, the BAO prefers reimbursement requests be submitted as timely as possible. Budget Authorities also appreciate timeliness as it makes it easier for them to track budget status.

If the traveler hosts a meal while traveling, this should be included in the "Other Expenses" section of the Travel / Personal Reimbursement Form. Please attach the Approval Hosting Form and necessary documentation to be submitted.

Please list all elements of your travel, including hotel, airfare, rental car, etc. Be sure to include the amount in the appropriate box - whether PCard, Direct Bill. or to be reimbursed if paid directly by the traveler. 

Once the reimbursement request is completed, it must be signed by:
  • Traveler
  • If the Budget Authority is also the claimant, then their supervisor must sign as Budget Authority

After the final signature, Travel/Personal Reimbursement Requests should be forwarded to the Accounts Payable department for processing.

Vicinity Mileage Reimbursement

Vicinity Mileage reimbursements follow the same policies, procedures, and processes as normal travel reimbursements for the most part.  Vicinity mileage reimbursements should be turned in at least on a monthly basis. Vicinity mileage can be claimed by using the Travel/Personal Reimbursement form.

Personal Reimbursement

Due to audit and policy guidelines, the Business Affairs Office (BAO) prefers to pay vendors direct or with a Department PCard whenever possible. Direct vendor pays avoid the extra work involved for everyone on campus in approving and documenting reimbursement requests.

Sometimes direct vendor pays are not practical. When amounts are paid by a staff member, either on behalf of Oregon Tech or for expenses incurred in connection with Oregon Tech business, an approved Travel / Personal Reimbursement Request Form should be submitted to the BAO for payment. Hosting must be approved prior to being incurred and requires an approved Hosting Form.

Reimbursements incurred in connection with student functions have slightly different requirements. If a student club advisor or someone who will be traveling with students on Oregon Tech sponsored programs have questions or need assistance with these types of reimbursements, please refer them to ASOIT (before the event outing).

The Admin/Office Specialist of the department will complete a Travel/Personal Reimbursement Request form including applicable index/account codes and all necessary signatures.

Because of the additional time required across campus to process personal reimbursements as compared to other types of invoices, personal expense reimbursements should be kept to a minimum. The Admin/Office Specialists can provide help to faculty and other employees in procuring what is needed in an efficient manner both in terms of time and costs. On those rare occasions when expenses are incurred for the benefit of Oregon Tech by an employee, a Travel/Personal Reimbursement Request Form should be submitted with original documentation.

Moving Expense Reimbursement

Your official Oregon Tech offer of employment letter should have details of potential moving expense allowance(s). There are specific rates, policies, and tax classifications for moving expense reimbursements that vary from regular travel reimbursements. See moving expense summary table for information on what expenses are allowed to be reimbursed and for the tax impact. Also, see the full moving expense policy for more detailed information on moving expense reimbursements. To be reimbursed for moving expenses, the employee must submit their information to Cindy Childers. Only amounts determined at time of hire will be reimbursed for moving expenses-must be part of job offer.

Lodging & Meals


Direct Bill Hotels
Lodging may be paid using the Procurement Card. If using University Place Hotel for Direct Bill, please complete the 3rd Party Billing Form and submit to Cindy Childers in the Business Affairs Office no later than 1 week before travel date.

Travel Reimbursement Rates for Lodging
Please see Travel Reimbursement rates for High and Low Local Maximum Lodging per diem rates. If you are unable to find a hotel within these rates, you will need to send an email to the Director of Business Affairs for approval. This email should include the following information:

  • Travel Dates
  • Travel Location
  • Business Purpose
  • Rate Requested
  • A statement that you were unable to find suitable accommodation within the per diem rates.

Conference Hotels
If you are attending a conference and have obtained the necessary department approval to stay at the Conference Hotel, please include the conference details upon submission to A/P with either:
(1) the procurement card reconciliation at the end of the month (if a PCard was used) or
(2) with your Travel / Personal Reimbursement Request (if personal funds were used).
*OIT will reimburse the rate as listed in the conference documents. 


1 Day Trips (No overnight stay)

Breakfast eligibility requires travel begins PRIOR to 7 am.

Lunch is not provided unless
  • Traveling as a board member or as an unpaid advisory committee member.
  • A meal at a convention, conference, or meeting is part of the agenda.
  • Directed or required to attend mealtime business or public relation meetings.
  • Student group and/or athletic team.

Dinner eligibility requires travel concludes AFTER 6 pm

Partial Meal Eligibility (With overnight stay)

On Day Trip Starts
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner eligibility requires trip start PRIOR to 7 am.
  • Lunch/Dinner eligibility requires trip start PRIOR to 1 pm (after 7 am).
  • Dinner eligibility requires trip start PRIOR to 7 pm (after 1 pm).
On Day Trip Ends
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner eligibility requires travel concludes AFTER 6 pm.
  • Breakfast/Lunch eligibility requires travel concludes AFTER 12 pm (prior to 6 pm)
  • Breakfast eligibility requires travel concludes BEFORE 12 pm.

High Cost Localities


Personal Vehicle Use

Mileage for personal use of auto is reimbursed at a rate of $0.58 per mile. See Oregon Tech's Travel Reimbursement Rates Sheet for all travel reimbursement rates.

Rental Vehicles

Oregon Tech has two contracted vehicle rental car companies: Enterprise and Hertz. For both contracted companies, the rental is charged directly to Oregon Tech's credit card that is on file with them, and a copy of the final rental receipt MUST be attached to the Travel/Personal Reimbursement Request.


Access Oregon Tech's Enterprise Car Rental site through MyOIT. When returning the rental on the weekends (between 5:30 p.m. Friday & 7:30 a.m. Monday), please provide return time and date by:
  1. Emailing enterpriserentacar-4632@ehi.com;
  2. Leaving a voicemail at 541.850.9000; or
  3. Attaching a note to the keys when dropping them in the drop box.


Access Hertz Car Rental site through MyOIT or call 541.882.0220.

Air Travel

Airfare Ticket Purchases

Oregon Tech currently has a contract with CTM Travel for airfare. When booking flights with CTM Travel, please continue to create encumbrances as normal.

Obtaining a quote from a travel agency prior to purchasing a flight elsewhere is no longer required. You may obtain and purchase flights with any travel site. CTM is the suggested vendor however when purchasing international flights, refundable flights, city pairs (see more info about city pair airfare below), or last minute flights.

City Pair Air Fares:

The State of Oregon's City-Pair agreements offer discounted, fully refundable, fully transferable fairs with no penalties or restrictions and last seat availability and significant savings over the same class ticket sold to the general public. City-Pair cost savings are greatest on purchases made 14 days or less before travel.

When purchasing flights through vendors other than CTM, traveler may purchase the flight and be reimbursed after travel concludes, or department procurement cards may be used (as long as flight is for business only travel). In the event that personal time will be taken during the trip, a quote for dates the traveler would have traveled without personal time is REQUIRED. The quote should be from the same vendor that is used to purchase the flight. It should be done at the same time the flight is purchased (same lead time) and should be to and from the same cities. If the quote for business only dates is less than the flight purchased that includes personal time, the traveler will be responsible for the difference (flight will only be reimbursed at rate quoted for business only travel). Department procurement cards MAY NOT be used to purchase airfare if the traveler is taking personal time while on trip (even if the flight purchased is equal to or less than the rate quote for business only travel dates). Quotes need to be attached to both Travel Reimbursement Request AND procurement card reconciliation packet (when airfare charged on procurement card).

To book airline tickets please contact a CTM representative at 1.877.564.1095 or by email at SOR@travelctm.com. You will need to let them know you are from Oregon Tech to get the contracted rates.

Combining Business and Personal Travel

Travelers sometimes combine business and personal travel. This is done in different ways, either by adding personal days at the business location or by traveling to other destinations.

When combining personal travel with Oregon Tech business travel, payment will be based on the least expensive and reasonable means of transportation to the business location. Meal and lodging per diem is limited to the business portion of the trip. Generally, the dates of the conference or meeting and one travel day before and after are allowable for reimbursement. Any additional days paid by Oregon Tech must be documented with a business purpose. Travel expenses cannot be paid for personal days.

Example: A traveler is attending a conference in Washington DC. Dates of the conference are Monday - Wednesday.

  • Generally travel time would be limited to Sunday - Thursday.
  • If the traveler left Klamath Falls on Saturday and is requesting reimbursement for Saturday - Thursday, there should be additional documentation describing the business purpose for leaving a day early.
  • If the traveler left Klamath Falls on Saturday for personal reasons, the traveler should not be reimbursed for meal and lodging expenses on the personal day. In addition, a quote should be obtained to determine if there is an additional airfare cost due to including personal days.

When a flight itinerary is selected that includes personal travel, obtain a separate airfare quote for the business portion of the itinerary, at the time of booking. This comparison between the business only itinerary and the actual cost of the combined business and personal travel itinerary should be documented in writing and included with the travel reimbursement and/or the airfare purchase records.

The airfare must be paid by the traveler at the time of booking if personal time is included.

Additional Day for Cost Savings Purposes

Reimbursement of meal and lodging expense for one or more additional days is allowable when the purpose of the additional days is to reduce overall travel costs. For example, if a conference starts on Monday there may be a cost savings for traveling on Saturday rather than Sunday. If the savings is greater than the additional meal and lodging expenses incurred, a traveler may choose to travel on Saturday and be reimbursed for the additional day of meal and lodging expense. The cost savings must be documented in writing by obtaining an airfare quote for the itinerary without the additional day and comparing it to the actual airfare selected plus any additional meal and lodging expenses.

Driving a Vehicle Out-of-State

When traveling out of state for Oregon Tech business and choosing to drive rather than fly, the cost of flying may be more economical than claiming mileage. A comparison airfare quote should be obtained per comparison airfare quote policy and printed at the time the travel is arranged and included with the travel reimbursement. The traveler can be reimbursed for either the cost of flying (Airfare in Lieu of Mileage) or mileage, whichever is less. When comparing prices, speculative expenses like airline baggage fees or airport shuttles cannot be included in the comparison quote or claimed for reimbursement.

When preparing the travel reimbursement, list Airfare in Lieu of Mileage in the Mileage section of the form with an explanation. An employee may be reimbursed for the following costs associated with air travel between his or her official station and destination:
  • The cost of round-trip commercial airfare that would have been incurred or mileage, whichever is less. Airfare quote must be provided with the reimbursement.
  • Private vehicle mileage to and from the air terminal that would normally be used for departure.
  • Lodging and meal expenses that the employee would normally incur with air travel.

When claiming Airfare in Lieu of Miles, additional expenses associated with the private vehicle cannot be claimed, i.e. parking and tolls.

If you have a bona fide business purpose for driving a private vehicle out of state, document the reason with the travel reimbursement, e.g. transport a large amount of equipment or driving to remote or multiple locations.

Comparison Quotes After Travel

Your traveler has brought you paperwork for a reimbursement and their trip includes personal time or an indirect route. They did not get a comparison airfare quote for the business only dates at the time the ticket was purchased.

What should you do?

When obtaining comparison fares after travel has taken place, you need to get two quotes: a Business Only airfare and the airfare duplicating the route the traveler actually flew, including the personal travel. This will allow you to compare the two itineraries to calculate the allowable reimbursement.

You can use your favorite online air booking site like Orbitz or Travelocity, but make sure it shows a low to high pricing grid/matrix of all the airlines. Be sure to select the days of the week that travel took place, and use dates that are at least two or three weeks out to get the least expensive fares. Avoid holidays as these can skew rates and avoid airline specific sites as these do not necessarily show the best prices in that airfare market.


Accounts Payable Policies & Procedures Manual

With being a public institution, there is a requirement of much more extensive policies and procedures than generally required at private companies. View the full policy for institution related travel.