Past Due Accounts

Know What You Owe

When you sign up for classes, you are assessed tuition and fees. There are also some programs and courses that require additional fees. If you are living in the Residence Halls, you should request a list of fees and payment schedules from the Residence Hall staff.

If someone other than you is helping to pay your tuition and fees, you must arrange to keep them informed. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, prevents Oregon Tech from discussing your student account with anyone except you - unless we have written consent on file. If you have questions regarding FERPA, please visit the U.S. Department of Education FERPA website, or contact the Registrar's Office at or by calling 541.885.1300.

Oregon Tech generates eBills on a monthly cycle, and the billing statement will be available on-line through CASHNet®. Each month that you have a balance, you will receive a notification that your bill is ready to be viewed. You may authorize a Benefactor to view your eBills and make payments online on your behalf.

Late Fees and Collection Activity

Student account balances are due on or before the 12th calendar day (2nd Friday) of each term.

  • Students enrolled in the Payment Plan who do not have any past due balance must have ⅓ of their total balance paid by the due date.
  • Students not enrolled in the Payment Plan are required to pay their balance in full on any charges incurred through the 12th calendar day.

In order to take advantage of the Payment Plan there can be no past due balance on the student's account.

If you aren't sure what you owe, you can check your balance on Web for Student (under the Student Tab, by selecting the "Student Records" option and either "Detail by Term" or "Summary by Term") or on CASHNet®.

We encourage students to check their Web for Student or CASHNet® account frequently during the second week of the term to make sure they do not owe an account balance to Oregon Tech.

  • The late fee is a flat $99 fee for any balance greater than $100 (only one late payment fee is assessed per term).

Late fees are assessed on the first business day following the 12th calendar day (5th Friday) of each term for students not enrolled in the Payment Plan or for those who did not make their first ⅓ payment.

Late fees are also assessed on the first business day following the 33rd calendar day (5th Friday) of the term* for students enrolled in the Payment Plan who did not make their second ⅓ payment.

A final late fee is assessed on the first business day following the final day of the term* for all students with a remaining balance greater than $100.

*For the Summer term Payment Plan, second payments are due on the 3rd Friday of the term, and final payments are due on the 7th Friday of the term (due to the shortened term length).

Although we are reluctant to do so, Oregon Tech has the right to suspend the extension of credit and services; to withhold grade reports, transcripts, and graduation; and may deny or cancel registration of any student who has not paid or made arrangements to pay by designated payment deadlines. The right to services may also be in jeopardy if students are in debt to any institution within the Oregon University System.

Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Cashier's Office at, by calling (541) 885.1202, or in person at the Cashier's Office during our normal business hours if they know they will have difficulty meeting any payment deadlines.

File Downloads

  • IconPayment Plan Form
    Revolving Charge Agreement to pay current term balance in three 1/3 installments during the term. Also required to charge textbooks to a student account at the Tech Nest Bookstore.
  • Important Dates
    Printable schedule of payment days, drop deadlines (for refund), and statement days.
  • IconFile Authorization Form