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Oregon Tech is a Blue Zones Worksite!

Blue Zones ProjectBlue Zones ribbon cuttingWhat is Blue Zones?

Blue Zones Project is a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices easier for Oregonians.

You typically spend the majority of your day at work – so it makes sense that having healthy choices at work is key to your well-being. Blue Zones Project offers solutions for Oregon Tech to inspire employees to be happier and more productive at work and at home.

When you feel better and more connected to your colleagues, you miss less work, make greater contributions, and have lower healthcare costs. Oregon Tech is the 14th work site in Klamath Falls approved by the Blue Zones Project, and the first university with the distinction on the West Coast.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Learn Visit Blue Zones Project or read the best-selling book Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest.
  2. Measure The three-minute online Vitality Compass® will estimate how long you'll live and give you customized tips to live longer. Visit bluezonesproject.com, navigate to Transforming Well-Being, then click on the tab titled Individuals to access the Vitality Compass.
  3. Participate Complete the Personal Pledge and commit to all four steps (Learn, Measure, Participate, Complete the Checklist) and show up to participate in at least one activity in the next six months.
  4. Complete the Checklist The personal checklist on page 2 of the personal pledge offers choices to modify your personal surroundings so you're more likely to be healthier and happier.

inaugural Hootie's Loop walk on May 30, 2017

For More Information

To learn more about how you can get involved on campus, please contact a member of Oregon Tech's Blue Zones Wellness Committee.

Blue Zones Wellness Committee Co-Chairs:

Carrie Dickson

Carrie Dickson, Director for Online Operations and Instructional Designer

Nellie Stewart

Nellie Stewart, Executive Assistant / Project Manager to Finance & Administration


Blue Zones Wellness Committee Members:

Erin Cox

Erin Cox, Assistant Professor

Ernesto Hernandez

Ernesto Hernandez, Student Representative

Jherime Kellermann

Jherime Kellermann, Assistant Professor

Hallie Neupert

Hallie Neupert, Professor-Department Chair

John Ritter

John Ritter, Professor

Erin Williams

Erin Williams, Athletic Program Operations Coordinator

 Fitness Center
Kenneth Davis

Kenneth Davis, Assistant Professor

Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson, Benefits Consultant

Steve Kappler

Steve Kappler, Sodexo Dining Manager

Gaylyn Maurer

Gaylyn Maurer, Director of ISHC

 Student Health
Stephanie Pope

Stephanie Pope, Assistant Vice President - Financial Operations

Sally Sutton

Sally Sutton, Student Representative