Alcohol & Drug Policy

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Oregon Tech participates in the “Drug Free Schools and Community Act” (Public Law 101-226, Sec. 22) and is committed to providing an environment that maximizes the potential for a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. Possession, consumption or furnishing alcoholic beverages on campus is prohibited, except in the Upper Class Wing of the Resident Hall and on special sanctioned occasions in the College Union.

The use, possession, sale, giving or exchanging of illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited on campus by state law and university policy. Persons violating these prohibitions are subject to discipline and corrective intervention by the university, including possible suspension, expulsion and filing of criminal charges.

Health risks associated with misuse and abuse of mind-altering drugs, controlled substances and alcohol include, but are not limited to, diminished immunity; physical and psychological dependence; brain, pancreas, kidney and lung damage; high blood pressure; heart attack; strokes; ulcers; birth defects; and death.

The Counseling and Student Health Services provide assessment and referral service to students and serve as alcohol- and drug-abuse information and educational resource.