Oregon Tech Foundation Affiliates

Affiliate organizations of the Oregon Tech Foundation support a particular unit or activity of Oregon Tech.

Oregon Tech Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The purpose of the Association is to provide alumni a worldwide network that strengthens friendships and promotes the college as a premier learning institution.

The Oregon Tech Alumni Association is chartered by the Oregon Tech Foundation as an affiliated organization. Thus, the Alumni Association operates under the authority and tax-exempt status of the Foundation which has fiduciary responsibility for the assets and financial activity of the Alumni Association.

Shaw Historic Library

Shaw Historical Library

The Shaw Historical Library was founded in 1983 by Laurence L. and Dorothy Shaw. Laurence Shaw gathered his collection over a period of forty years. In his own words it was a collection "grown from reading. Each interesting book led to another until there was total immersion in Western Americana."

The Shaws intention was to establish a library to provide students, researchers, and the interested public with a place to learn about the people and history of the area known as the Land of Lakes. The Land of Lakes is generally considered to encompass southcentral and southeastern Oregon, northeastern California, and northwestern Nevada.

Since the initial donation in 1983, the collections of the Shaw Historical Library have grown to include approximately 3,000 books, as well as maps, art, manuscripts, photographs, and an oral history collection.

The library contains materials relating to American western migration and the history of the Klamath Basin. There are also significant collections on railroad, logging, and Native American History. The library's manuscript collections focus on the logging, lumber industry, and agriculture in the Klamath Basin.