Alan Polaski

Graduate Year/Degree

BS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 1988; JD Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, 1995


Intel Corporation as Associate General Counsel

Years Employed

I've been an intellectual property and business lawyer for Intel for 16 years, and supported lots of different divisions, including our desktop products group, our consumer electronics group, our wireless group, and our data center group. I'm currently supporting our software and services group. My legal teams negotiate technology agreements, sales agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and other strategic initiatives for our division.

Prior Position/Company

Prior to law school I worked as a mechanical design engineer for Intel Corporation and Ford Aerospace.

Volunteer Activities

My other volunteer activities include umpiring little league games, and coaching on a high school ski race team. I am also a high school football referee with the Portland Football Officials Association.

Serves as: (Oregon Tech Foundation Committee(s)

Development Committee

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

It's important to me to be involved with Oregon Tech Foundation, because I think the pragmatic, real world (and very affordable) approach to education that Oregon Tech offers is an option that is necessary for many students to succeed. The high cost of most schools that offer the small class sizes and individual attention of Oregon Tech is not attainable for many students, or if it is, then only with a massive and crippling debt after graduation. And many students would not be successful in an education program that is less practical and requires a large number of classes that are not relevant to their career choices, leading to students not completing a degree program. I want to help evangelize the option that Oregon Tech offers, as I think many students don't even know about Oregon Tech or what it offers.