Bill DeWitt

Bill DeWitt

Graduate Year/Degree

California Coast University/2000/Bachelor of Business

Prior Position/Company

Current owner of PMDJ Group Inc, a consulting company partnering with businesses across North America to optimize safety, operational effectiveness and maintenance efficiency

Current Volunteer Activities

Oregon Tech Foundation

Serves as: (Oregon Tech Foundation Committee(s)

Development Committee

Why it is important to me to be involved with the Oregon Tech Foundation

My father was a founding member of the Oregon Tech booster club in the 1960's. As his leg man in promoting fund raising activities, riding my bike around town and hanging posters for everything from Portland Wrestling to the Los Angeles Lakers, my blood began to take on a hue of Blue and Gold. Spending countless hours in what is now Danny Miles court, I served as the doorman, ticket taker and locker room door protector. Hundreds of hours on the road supporting Owl athletics defined my youth. A family oriented supportive campus life, and dignified student athletes are two things that epitomize how Oregon Tech functions with a dignity and honor that is somehow disappearing from society. I am extremely honored to be a member of the Oregon Tech family, and proud to support an institution that provides an example for a confusing and self-absorbed world.